Enrico Taglietti.

A Canberra visionary: Vale Enrico Taglietti 1926 – 2019

9 May 2019, Howard Tanner

Architect Howard Tanner remembers the late Enrico Taglietti, who brought a European sophistication and sensibility to the national capital.

Artist and florist Lisa Cooper.

The butcher’s daughter: Lisa Cooper

30 Apr 2019, David Clark

The daughter of a butcher and granddaughter of a painter, Lisa Cooper creates extraordinary floral works that are at once beautiful, layered and sublime.

Broderick Ely, Jonathon Boucher and Andrew Piva, directors at B. E. Architecture.

Chasing timelessness: B.E. Architecture

29 Apr 2019, Marcus Baumgart

Exhibiting an affinity for sculpting space and material, B. E. Architecture has rigorously honed its craft for more than two decades, resulting in an extensive portfolio of refined residential architecture.

David Toussaint and Kirsty Volz, co-directors of Toussaint and Volz.

Future proofing the suburbs: Toussaint and Volz

24 Apr 2019, Linda Cheng

Alert to the contemporary complexities of housing affordability and an ageing population, this emerging Brisbane practice is designing progressive residential architecture to future proof the suburbs.

Oliver Wainwright.

How money shapes architecture: Oliver Wainwright

21 Mar 2019, Linda Cheng

Oliver Wainwright, the Guardian’s architecture and design critic talks to ArchitectureAU editor Linda Cheng about the link between financial markets and the shape of our cities.

Joseph Lovell and Stephanie Burton, codirectors of Lovell Burton Architecture.

One to watch: Lovell Burton

19 Mar 2019, Katelin Butler

Joseph Lovell and Stephanie Burton only officially opened their studio in 2018 and have already completed two houses and won a Houses Award, and they have many more projects in the pipeline.

UK architect Amin Taha spoke at the 2019 New Zealand Institute of Architects in:situ conference. He leads the firm Groupwork, based in London.

Material and craft: Amin Taha

14 Mar 2019, Julia Gessler

Ahead of an appearance in Auckland, London-based architect Amin Taha explains his belief in the importance of material as the basis of design.

Louis Hailey.

Vale Louis H. Hailey AM, 1926–2019

14 Mar 2019, Grant Buglar, Bruce Wolfe

Queensland architect Lou Hailey, who brought a “fresh, modernist design approach” to Brisbane, is remembered by Bruce Wolfe and Grant Buglar.

Christian Bason.

Design thinking and regional cities: Christian Bason

12 Mar 2019, Linda Cheng

Danish Design Centre CEO Christian Bason on leveraging design thinking and local cultures, skills and capabilities to help regional centres regenerate after industrial decline.

The studio's day-to-day operations are characterized by a sense of playfulness and collaboration.

‘Camaraderie and delight’: Marston Architects in profile

8 Mar 2019, Leanne Amodeo

Highly collaborative and solution-focused in its approach to designing, Marston Architects creates homes that connect people with the beauty of the natural world and enhance the enjoyment of day-to-day life.

[L-R]: Phillip Nielsen and Aaron Nicholls of the Regional Design Service.

A country practice: Regional Design Service

5 Mar 2019, Patrick Hunn

Against all caution, city dwellers Phillip Nielsen and Aaron Nicholls established a now-thriving architecture studio in a rural town deprived of an architect since 1973.

Fondazione Prada

Reinier de Graaf on ‘the creative tension between thinking and doing’

27 Feb 2019, Alexandra Brown

Reinier de Graaf, co-founder of OMA’s research arm AMO, discusses its investigations, the profession’s current interest in research and architecture’s cardinal sins.

Boonserm Jok Premthada.

Designing for the senses: Boonserm Jok Premthada

25 Feb 2019, Thomas Tsang

Ahead of an appearance at The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane, architect Boonserm Premthada of Bangkok Project Studio talks about designing for the senses.

Pursuing spatial romance: Philip Stejskal Architecture

Pursuing spatial romance: Philip Stejskal Architecture

19 Feb 2019, Rachael Bernstone

Despite starting his practice during the Global Financial Crisis, Philip Stejskal has grown his practice to encompass modest alterations and additions to elaborate new houses.

Barn House (2015) was designed in collaboration with owner and landscape designer William Dangar and interior designer Romy Alwill.

One to watch: Clayton Orszaczky

18 Feb 2019, Linda Cheng

In the past three years, Clayton Orszaczky has completed eleven projects, with many more in the pipeline. Co-directors Rebekah Clayton and Michelle Orszaczky discuss their approach to residential design.

Geoffrey Pie.

Vale Geoffrey Pie, 1938–2018

17 Jan 2019, Don Watson

Don Watson remembers the life and work of Queensland architect Geoffrey Pie, who passed away on New Year’s Eve.

Mel Bright of Make Architecture

Mel Bright of Make Architecture

9 Jan 2019, Marcus Baumgart

Make Architecture skilfully balances the public life of the city and the private domain in its growing suite of carefully considered, highly crafted residential projects.

Alison Brooks talks architecture's ‘role in making people feel valued’

Alison Brooks talks architecture’s ‘role in making people feel valued’

19 Dec 2018, Donald Bates

Alison Brooks, principal and creative director of Alison Brooks Architects, sat down with Donald Bates to discuss her career beginnings, philosophy, and her award-winning projects.

Entrepreneurial and inventive: Alana Cooke

Entrepreneurial and inventive: Alana Cooke

13 Dec 2018, Katelin Butler

Emerging designer Alana Cooke enjoys designing within small spaces and prides herself on forming genuine friendships through her work.

Simon Cookes.

Architect and start-up founder Simon Cookes changing the landscape of site surveys

5 Dec 2018, Linda Cheng

The architect behind a digital start-up launching in December wants to create the “Uber” for spatial information.

Christopher Procter.

Vale Christopher Procter, 1964–2018

23 Nov 2018, Bill Tsakalos

Architect and urban designer Christopher Procter was blessed with a “perfect cocktail of humility, humour, intelligence, energy and empathy.”

NZIA Distinguished Fellow, founding partner of Warren and Mahoney and beloved architect Maurice Mahoney passed away on 31 October at age 89.

Vale Maurice Mahoney

8 Nov 2018, ArchitectureNow Editorial Desk

In remembrance one of New Zealand’s most quietly influential architects.

Alec Tzannes.

The poetics of performance: Alec Tzannes

24 Oct 2018, Philip Oldfield

Philip Oldfield sets Alec Tzannes’ legacy of sustainable architecture, including the “remarkable achievement” of International House Sydney, against the backdrop of the challenges of climate change looming in the coming decades.

Marwa Al-Sabouni.

Architecture is the ‘arena’ for social dynamics, says Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni

30 Aug 2018, Patrick Hunn

Architect and author Marwa Al-Sabouni speaks about her ideas for rebuilding war-torn Syria and creating platforms for a country “hungry for knowledge.”

MMA Design Studio founder Mphethi M. Morojele.

Re-building a country: Mphethi M. Morojele on indigeneity, animist architecture and sending off Nelson Mandela

15 Aug 2018, Josh Harris

In Australia for the Indigenous Design Symposium in July, Johannesburg-based architect Mphethi M. Morojele spoke with ArchitectureAU about the nature of indigeneity and architecture’s role in transforming South Africa.

Daniel Libeskind.

‘Architecture is the closest thing to a human being that something can be,’ says Daniel Libeskind

2 Aug 2018, William Feuerman

Self proclaimed “people’s architect” Daniel Libeskind speaks to William Feuerman about his design process, humanistic architecture and the importance of inscribing a narrative to a place.

Trias is a collective of three highly accomplished individuals (from left): Jonathon Donnelly, Casey Bryant and Jennifer McMaster.

Vitruvius’s disciples: Trias

26 Jun 2018, Linda Cheng

Australia’s architectural scene is brimming with new talent. Linda Cheng chats with the young designers who make up Trias, a small emerging practice with big plans for the future.

Burleigh Heads-based architect Matthew Eagle, founder of ME.

Matthew Eagle’s inventive residential architecture

15 Jun 2018, Katelin Butler

Rigorous analyses of Queensland’s distinct housing typology and a subtle approach to challenging norms underpin Matthew Eagle of ME’s work. His inventive residential architecture brings the suburban fabric to the fore.

Phoebe Goodwin at the Balukhali refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Prospect of refuge: Phoebe Goodwin on architecture and humanitarianism

13 Jun 2018, Josh Harris

Phoebe Goodwin provides insights on her humanitarian work with UNHCR in refugee camps in Bangladesh, Greece, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and elsewhere.

Norman Edwards.

Vale Norman Edwards

15 May 2018, James Colman

James Colman remembers Australian architectural educator Norman Edwards who left his mark on young architects all over the world.

Matt Chan of Scale Architecture

Matt Chan of Scale Architecture

19 Apr 2018, Leanne Amodeo

Drawing on a fascination for the quirkiness in how people live, Scale Architecture designs efficient and visually refined houses that are customized to the client.

Architect, brand developer and businessperson Jan O'Connor.

The entrepreneurial architect: Jan O’Connor on tea, success and architecture

7 Mar 2018, Tania Davidge, Christine Phillips

Architect, brand developer and businessperson Jan O’Connor co-founded the highly successful tea retail business T2.

Understanding the messiness of life: Kali Marnane

Understanding the messiness of life: Kali Marnane

7 Mar 2018, Patrick Hunn

Ahead of 2018 International Women’s Day – this year focused on the role women play in humanitarian planning – Kali Marnane relays what she has learnt about Australian architecture in an Indian slum.

Vale Brian Smyth, 1931–2017

Vale Brian Smyth, 1931–2017

28 Feb 2018, Geoff Fitzpatrick

Brian Smyth, the Australian designer of the Valiant Charger for Chrysler Australia, died in Adelaide in January 2018, aged 86.

Simona Castricum is a musician, a performer, a DJ and an architecture academic

Simona Castricum: Finding a place for empathy in architecture

14 Feb 2018, Josh Harris

Architecture academic and musician Simona Castricum, in advocating for a “queering” of space and practice, wants to find a place for empathy in architecture.

Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright of Baracco and Wright Architects (cropped).

Looking outward: Baracco and Wright Architects

2 Feb 2018, Ross Brewin

With each new project, Louise Wright and Mauro Baracco of Baracco and Wright Architects aim to contribute to the broader urban ecology of a place.

Clerehan House II by Neil Clerehan, 1968.

Vale Neil Clerehan, 1922–2017

24 Jan 2018, Philip Goad

Philip Goad remembers the life of “one of Melbourne’s great architectural figures” – architect and writer Neil Clerehan, who passed away on 10 November 2017.

Helen Lochhead.

Helen Lochhead appointed chair of Sydney planning panel

22 Jan 2018, Editorial Desk AAU

An architect has been made the chair of one of Sydney’s planning panels as part of a series of appointments made by the NSW government.

Decorative modernism: Arent and Pyke

Decorative modernism: Arent and Pyke

3 Jan 2018, David Clark

Residential interiors by Arent and Pyke employ colour and textiles to create a decorative modernism that feels particularly Australian.

Jeremy Till, architect, writer and pro-vice-chancellor of London’s Central Saint Martins.

Central Saint Martin’s Jeremy Till on being ‘brutalized’ by architectural education

30 Nov 2017, Amanda Sun

“The culture of architecture school is preparing students for the exploitative culture of the workplace,” says architect and pro-vice-chancellor of London’s Central Saint Martins, Jeremy Till.

Dutch designer Gijs Bakker.

‘Never assume’: Gijs Bakker

7 Nov 2017, Stephen Todd

Renowned Dutch jewellery and industrial designer Gijs Bakker has a career that spans more than fifty years and a body of work with an amorphous design ethic.