Roland Catalani, a principal at Fender Katsalidis, died on 27 April 2020.

The quiet achiever: Vale Roland Catalani 1948-2020

5 May 2020, Karl Fender

Karl Fender remembers his friend and colleague Roland Catalani, an architect and mentor with a natural talent and an unparalleled attention to detail.

Gabriel at the drawing board, 2016.

Vale Gabriel Poole, 1934–2020

8 Apr 2020, Lindsay Clare

Lindsay Clare remembers Gabriel Poole LFRAIA, 1934–2020, “a complex, enigmatic and memorable character.”

Roman Pavlyshyn (1964).

Vale Roman Pavlyshyn, 1922–2019

20 Jan 2020, Don Watson

Émigré architect and civil servant Roman Pavlyshyn’s influence on the development of public architecture in 20th Century Queensland was profound.

Winter Park Cellar House, designed by Graeme Gunn and developed by Merchant Builders.

Vale David Yencken, a modern-day polymath

16 Oct 2019, Graeme Davison, Alan Pert

Graeme Davison and Alan Pert remember the late David Yencken, a prodigious contributor to the built environment and Victoria’s “unofficial minister for design and environmental planning.”

Keera Le Lievre.

Vale Keera Le Lievre, 1928–2019

3 Jul 2019, Geoff Fitzpatrick

A passionate advocate for Australian design, pioneering interior designer Keera Le Lievre has passed away.

Rolf Heins.

Vale Rolf Heins, 1936–2019

27 Jun 2019, Geoff Fitzpatrick

Born Roelof Heins on 18 May, 1936 in Palembang in Indonesia to Dutch parents, Rolf Heins made a remarkable impact on interior design practice in Australia.

Enrico Taglietti.

A Canberra visionary: Vale Enrico Taglietti 1926 – 2019

9 May 2019, Howard Tanner

Architect Howard Tanner remembers the late Enrico Taglietti, who brought a European sophistication and sensibility to the national capital.

Geoffrey Pie.

Vale Geoffrey Pie, 1938–2018

17 Jan 2019, Don Watson

Don Watson remembers the life and work of Queensland architect Geoffrey Pie, who passed away on New Year’s Eve.

Christopher Procter.

Vale Christopher Procter, 1964–2018

23 Nov 2018, Bill Tsakalos

Architect and urban designer Christopher Procter was blessed with a “perfect cocktail of humility, humour, intelligence, energy and empathy.”

NZIA Distinguished Fellow, founding partner of Warren and Mahoney and beloved architect Maurice Mahoney passed away on 31 October at age 89.

Vale Maurice Mahoney

8 Nov 2018, ArchitectureNow Editorial Desk

In remembrance one of New Zealand’s most quietly influential architects.

Norman Edwards.

Vale Norman Edwards

15 May 2018, James Colman

James Colman remembers Australian architectural educator Norman Edwards who left his mark on young architects all over the world.

Vale Brian Smyth, 1931–2017

Vale Brian Smyth, 1931–2017

28 Feb 2018, Geoff Fitzpatrick

Brian Smyth, the Australian designer of the Valiant Charger for Chrysler Australia, died in Adelaide in January 2018, aged 86.

Clerehan House II by Neil Clerehan, 1968.

Vale Neil Clerehan, 1922–2017

24 Jan 2018, Philip Goad

Philip Goad remembers the life of “one of Melbourne’s great architectural figures” – architect and writer Neil Clerehan, who passed away on 10 November 2017.

Nick Searle

Vale Nick Searle

6 Jun 2017, Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison remembers architect Nick Searle of Searle x Waldron.

Madeline Lester.

Vale Madeline Lester AM, 1948–2017

1 Jun 2017, Joanne Cys

Joanne Cys remembers interior designer and former DIA national president Madeline Lester.

Vale Kjell Grant, 1927–2017

Vale Kjell Grant, 1927–2017

30 Mar 2017, Geoff Fitzpatrick

Geoff Fitzpatrick pays tribute to celebrated industrial designer and influential educator Kjell Grant.

Vale Matthew Si

Vale Matthew Si

21 Mar 2017, Editorial Desk AAU

The architecture community farewells Matthew Si, an architect at Woods Bagot who died in the Bourke Street tragedy in Melbourne.

Rewi Thompson.

Obituary: Rewi Thompson

18 Jan 2017, Deidre Brown

Deidre Brown honours the life and work of internationally renowned New Zealand architect Rewi Thompson.

Vale William Le Lievre, 1924–2016

Vale William Le Lievre, 1924–2016

5 Jan 2017, Geoff Fitzpatrick

Melbourne-based interior designer William Le Lievre was a passionate advocate for design in Australia.

Paul Pholeros. Photography: Miles Roston, as published in Making a World of Difference, by Miles Roston (Exisle Publishing).

Vale Paul Pholeros AM, 1953–2016

22 Dec 2016, Phil Harris

Phil Harris remembers Paul Pholeros, founding director of Healthabitat and a driving force behind a number of seminal guides for housing construction in remote Australia.

Romaldo Giurgola, pictured outside Parliament House in Canberra.

Vale Romaldo Giurgola AO, 1920–2016

19 Dec 2016, Silvia Micheli

Romaldo Giurgola, architect of Parliament House in Canberra, played a seminal role in nation-building, making an outstanding contribution to Australia’s architectural heritage.

Remembering Peter Corrigan: a life of movement, energy and integrity

Remembering Peter Corrigan: a life of movement, energy and integrity

7 Dec 2016, Conrad Hamann

Conrad Hamann remembers Peter Corrigan, an influential architect and educator who was a fulcrum in the 1970s to 1990s transformation in Australian architecture.

John Morphett outside the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Vale John Morphett AM OBE, 1932–2016

17 May 2016, Gordon Kanki Knight

John Morphett brought the teachings of Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus movement to Australia and helped build Hassell into a collaborative, multidisciplinary design practices.

Peter Gargett

Vale Peter Gargett 1932–2014

8 Jul 2014, Bruce Wolfe

Bruce Wolfe pays tributes to a former chairman of prominent Queensland practice Conrad Gargett.

Vale Kathryn Findlay 1953 – 2014

Vale Kathryn Findlay

5 Feb 2014, Leon van Schaik

British architect, special guest speaker at the 2012 AIA National Conference.

Sand Garden at the Australian Garden, an abstraction of the desert experience.

A tribute to Kevin Taylor

1 Feb 2012, Tanya Court, Jo Russell-Clarke

A celebration of the life and work of a talented, generous collaborator and leader of the landscape architecture community.

Kevin Taylor.

Vale Kevin Taylor

1 Nov 2011

The landscape community farewells a talented, unpretentious and insightful friend and colleague.

Greg McNamara and Lena Yali.

Vale Greg and Lena, Vale Kevin

4 Sep 2011, Phil Harris

Phil Harris remembers the lives of Kevin Taylor, Greg McNamara and Lena Yali.

Nick murcutt 1964–2011

Vale Nick Murcutt 1964–2011

2 Jul 2011, Camilla Block, Gaetano Palmese

Camilla Block and Gaetano Palmese remember Nick Murcutt and his spirited approach to architecture and life.

Gilbert Ridgway Nicol.

Vale Gilbert Ridgway Nicol 1925—2010

1 Jan 2011, Paul Rossen

Experience abroad and a thorough understanding of architecture and planning informed the work of this Perth architect.

Catherine Evans, BArch, Grad Dip, MBA.

Vale Catherine Evans 1964—2010

1 Jan 2011, Richard Evans, Ian McDougall

A woman of character – Richard Evans and Ian McDougall remember Catherine Evans, BArch, Grad Dip, MBA.

William John Mitchell, 1944—2010

Vale William John Mitchell 1944—2010

1 Sep 2010, Tom Kvan

Brilliant, enquiring and inspiring – Tom Kvan remembers Bill Mitchell.

Robert Woodward, late 1960s.

Vale Robert Woodward AM 1923—2010

1 Jul 2010, Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward remembers his father, Bob Woodward, BArch (Hons) FRAIA, AILA.