Australian firms pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2030

13 Dec 2019, Editorial Desk AAU

Two Melbourne practices have signed on to the Net Zero 2030 pledge, pointing to a global certification process as “a roadmap for change.”

At the summit.

Resilience in architecture

8 Oct 2019, Michael Gay

Architecture is a profession struggling to achieve balance and equity, and it can take a toll on all of us. Michael Gay gives advice on how to maintain balance and build resilience.

Crossing the street: a routinely paralysing experience for the author.

‘There are more of us than you may realise’: Severe mental illness in the workplace

7 Oct 2019, Kerwin Datu

Architect Kerwin Datu shares how his experience with a mental illness in the workplace has changed for the better since embarking “upon a … long-term process of trust-building and communication.”

Serpentine Pavilion 2019 designed by Junya Ishigami, Serpentine Gallery, London.

The architecture of exploitation

9 Sep 2019, Warwick Mihaly

Architecture practices that employ unpaid interns are benefiting from their exploitation and personal sacrifice. Warwick Mihaly argues that it’s time to redefine success.

The planting scheme of the Kampung Admirality was designed by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl. Plants overflow from each level, creating a community park for the 11 housing blocks.

Architecture in the age of loneliness

16 May 2019, Tracey Ingram

Tracey Ingram explores a number of interiors around the world that highlight the importance of designing communal spaces in a contradictory epoch of hyper-connectivity and isolation.

Inside the office of Kieran Timberlake in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Searching and searching again: Research in practice

14 Mar 2019, Billie Faircloth

Billie Faircloth, partner at Kieran Timberlake, argues that a conversation on research in architectural practice begins by making the word “research” more approachable.

Scott Base with Mount Erebus in the background. There were differing accounts about why the buildings were painted green. A popular theory was that the Superintendent, Bob Thomson, liked Ireland's white cottages surrounded by green and reversed this combination for Scott Base.

An Antarctic collaboration

12 Mar 2019, Justine Harvey

Hugh Broughton and Stephen Middleton on working in one of the most collaborative design teams imaginable in Antarctica.

Amy Muir and Shelley Penn at Parlour’s Melbourne Autumn Salon 2017.

Gender equity needed ‘in every nook and cranny of architecture,’ census analysis shows

17 Oct 2018, Gill Matthewson

In 2012, Parlour published its first and devastating statistical portrayal of the loss of women from the architecture profession and their sparseness at senior levels. What progress has been made since then?

Catriona Li Bisset.

Opportunity and autonomy: mental wellbeing in architecture

16 Oct 2018, Catriona Li Bisset

The need to meaningfully engage with mental health in architecture is clear, but what can we do? One possibility is to enhance student and practitioner autonomy by applying our skills to non-traditional problems.

The ACA Business of Small Practice forum in Perth.

Finding opportunities in unlikely places: ACA Business of Small Practice forum

11 Sep 2018, Rachael Bernstone

Held in Perth in July, the ACA’s Business of Small Practice forum provided insights and tools for architects who are launching, running or growing small practices in a transitioning economy.

Senior management of SJB Sydney.

SJB Sydney implements 10-week full-pay parental leave

23 Aug 2018, Josh Harris

SJB Architects has launched a new “shared care” parental leave policy, which aims to set a new benchmark in the architecture industry.

The problems of architects' diminishing fees stems from the nature of unpriced risk, says John Held.

Fee redemption: A mutually assured future

19 Jun 2018, John Held

In response to Shaun Carter’s call to reintroduce a fee guide for architects, John Held says the problem runs much deeper than continuous fee cutting.

Architects should collectively bargain for minimum fee rates, says Shaun Carter.

Fee MAD-ness (mutually assured destruction): an existential crisis

13 Jun 2018, Shaun Carter

Architects are practising in an environment of outrageously low fees and cutthroat fee gazumping. Shaun Carter asks in this boom time why have architects managed to slash their fees in a desperate race to the bottom?

Flammable cladding is thought to have contributed to the spread of the fire at the Grenfell tower in London.

Defective building products: Update

30 Apr 2018, Wendy Poulton

Update on activity to prevent the use of defective building products, in particular for aluminium compositive cladding

Bholu 15 Preschool, by Kali Marnane and Niini Soisalo de Mendonça, in Ahmedabad’s Ramapir No Tekro slum, India (2016).

Women to the Front: Working in Asia

7 Mar 2018, Kelly Greenop

As part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum in Brisbane, the Working in Asia panel discussion was a platform for Australian women in architecture to discuss their approaches to and experiences of international practice.

The 2018 SONA representatives.

SONA marks 20th anniversary with focus on mental health

20 Feb 2018, Troy Borg

Ahead of the Student Organised Network for Architecture’s twentieth anniversary, the group’s national president Troy Borg lays out its plans for the year ahead.

Wowowa's Kalora Park Football Club Extension is currently under construction.

Podcast puts Australian architecture’s next generation in the spotlight

25 May 2017, Linda Cheng

A new podcast series explores the hurdles and triumphs emerging architects experience as they embark on establishing their own practices.

Long hours: Go hard or go home!

Long hours: Go hard or go home!

18 Apr 2017, Lee Hillam

Lee Hillam reflects on the long-hours culture in architecture and asks: What is the real cost of this exploitative practice?

The ClarkeHopkinsClarke-designed One Heart Village in Turbo, Kenya.

Clarke Hopkins Clarke the third Australian practice to gain sustainability certification

16 Mar 2017, Patrick Hunn

B Corp describes itself as being “to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee.”

Women in architecture: Leadership

Women in architecture: Leadership

8 Mar 2017, Emma Williamson

How can generosity and flexibility effect change in the architecture profession’s notoriously rigid workplace culture? Emma Williamson considers the obstacles women architects face on the road to the top.

Mount Alvernia College (2015) is a small, independent Catholic secondary girls’ school in Brisbane’s north.

M3architecture: sites of transformation

15 Feb 2017, Sheona Thomson

Three recent school buildings by Brisbane-based M3architecture show a sophisticated engagement with the individual needs and identities of the institutions.

A multipurpose hall at Templestowe Park Primary School (2004) marked the beginning of MCR's suite of education buildings.

McBride Charles Ryan: metaphors of knowledge

14 Feb 2017, Christine Phillips

Melbourne-based architecture practice McBride Charles Ryan, with an impressive oeuvre of education projects, has demonstrated creative solutions to a broad range of pedagogical demands.

Staff and students share morning tea together in the University of Queensland's School of Architecture, recently renovated by m3architecture.

Stress test: Addressing mental illness at architecture school

8 Sep 2016, Sandra Kaji-O'Grady

A recent survey uncovered worryingly high rates of mental illness among architecture students. Is student life being eroded? And is our professional workaholic culture part of the problem?

Research indicates that students in humanities, art and design are significantly more likely to have mental health problems, although law students experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than students in other disciplines.

Managing mental health

8 Sep 2016, Timothy Horton

Is there a correlation between mental health issues and architecture practice? New research discusses how the profession might better support its members through periods of mental illness.

Inside Assemble's studio.

Model practice

17 Aug 2016, Katelin Butler

Is architecture shackled by traditional, outdated approaches to practice? Katelin Butler examines how a new generation of architects is redressing the balance by proposing new models for architectural practice.

Cox Rayner's competition winning design for the Tianjin Maritime Museum in China was used by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull as an example of the opportunities for Australian architects in China.

What does ‘Free Trade’ with China mean for Australia’s architects?

30 Nov 2015, Linda Cheng

We review the implications of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement for Australian architects.

The Lyons Architecture studio.

Architects bring value, so why aren’t we valuing them accordingly?

18 Nov 2015, Jon Clements

Project managers are now driving procurement, but architects can no longer afford to observe from the back seat.

The entrance deck with double-height void. 
Across the harbour is a former prison, built during WWII, that O’Sullivan describes as “fascinating and well worth a look”.

Monastic view: O’Sullivan Studio

28 Oct 2015, Justine Harvey

Michael O’Sullivan has an unconventional architectural approach as client, architect and builder of his Lyttelton studio.

The project has been dubbed the "60k House", but Kerr says that the final product will more closely resemble a shack.

How to build a house for just $60k

27 Oct 2015, Sian Johnson

Graduate architect Andrew Kerr set himself a challenge to build a one-bedroom house south of Hobart for just $60,000.

The Mansard roofs and decorative facades of central Paris lend it its distinctive personality.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Paris

11 Jun 2015, Casey Bryant

A visit to two Parisian practices reveals the City of Lights’ built heritage weighs heavily on its contemporary architects.

Tama Art University Library by Toyo Ito and Associates.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Toyo Ito and Associates

28 May 2015, Monique Woodward

Monique Woodward found herself seduced by Toyo Ito’s Tama Art University Library, and a visit to the architect’s studio revealed insights into his leadership style.

Northumberlandia, or “The Lady of the North,” is an enormous land sculpture by Charles Jencks depicting a female figure made from the spoil of a former coalmine in Northumberland, UK.

Healing Wounded Landscapes

23 Feb 2015, Matt Baida

Offsetting the negative social and economic effects that mine closure has on our regional communities.

A culture of mediocre energy performance across the Australian building industry is leading to higher energy use, emissions and overall costs.

Corruption, ignorance drive “mediocre” building

28 Jan 2015, Editorial Desk AAU

A government-funded report uncovers a pervasive culture of mediocre energy performance in the Australian building industry.

H1 hardwood in the Re-Newell House.

Material Palette: Charles Wright Architects

19 Jan 2015

Charles Wright Architects responds to the cyclonic conditions of Far North Queensland when selecting materials.

Sydney by Crown designed by Koichi Takada Architects.

Civic city living: Sydney by Crown

8 Jan 2015, Linda Cheng

Architect Koichi Takada discusses the challenges of balancing the demands of inner city residential development with a civic-minded sensibility.

Jørn Utzon's Homage to CPE Bach in the Utzon room at the Sydney Opera House.

The making of Utzon’s Homage to CPE Bach

11 Dec 2014, Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson reflects on Jørn Utzon’s development of his tapestry for the Sydney Opera House.

Koos de Keijzer

Hot property: DKO master plans a volcano

4 Dec 2014

DKO Architecture has been working on a master plan for a new neighbourhood on some highly unusual terrain.

How do we achieve a more equitable profession for all?

Gender equity in architecture: What can we do?

27 Nov 2014

Naomi Stead and Justine Clark outline the programs and tools for a more equitable profession.

Women's participation in architecture lag behind accountants, general practitioners and solicitors.

Women in architecture: How do we compare to other professions?

24 Nov 2014, Amanda Roan, Gillian Whitehouse

A snapshot of gendered participation in architecture compared with other professions.

Is having children still an issue in a modern architecture profession?

Does motherhood + architecture = no career?

20 Nov 2014, Sandra Kaji-O'Grady

Sandra Kaji O’Grady examines the “proverbial elephant in the room”: the impact of children on women’s architecture careers.

Women leaving architecture uncovers larger questions of the core values and work culture with the architecture profession.

Why do women leave?

17 Nov 2014, Dr Karen Burns

Karen Burns examines the responses to a Parlour survey that tries to establish why women leave the architecture profession.