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It takes two

It takes two

15 Jul 2014, Andrew Nimmo

Andrew Nimmo reflects on the gender politics for creative duos starting a practice.

Oiled timber adds warmth and texture to the Samford House, while offering durability.

Material palette: Bligh Graham Architects

9 Jul 2014

The residential work of Bligh Graham Architects uses natural materials in a purposeful way.

Parlour panel at 2014 National Architecture conference, L–R: Justine Clark, Naomi Stead, Helene Combs Dreiling (president of American Institute of Architects), Emma Williamson, and Beth Miller (Community Design Collaborative).

Gender equality

23 May 2014, Michael Smith

Michael Smith interviews three Institute advocates on gender disparity in the practice of architecture.

 UAR Underground app, showing past and future buildings in Den Haag.

Architecture in the AR age

7 Apr 2014, Rana Abboud

Rana Abboud explores the pros and cons of Augmented Reality in the practice of architecture.

Recycled bricks and timber in the Lilyfield Warehouse.

Material palette: Virginia Kerridge Architect

11 Mar 2014

Materials and finishes, often recycled, gives an expressive quality to the spaces created.

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital nearing completion.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Qld

27 Feb 2014, Alex Holderness

An interview with key people tasked with delivering Queensland’s new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Design for access and sustainability

Design for access and sustainability

28 Jan 2014

A discussion paper by the Australian Institute of Architects — National Access Work Group.

Hamer Hall by ARM Architecture.

Government as ‘Smart Client’

8 Jan 2014

New procurement guidelines from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect.

Inside Hassell’s Melbourne office: complex urban design projects are realized in a variety of work settings.

Landscape architects as urban designers

4 Dec 2013, Catherin Bull

Cathrin Bull reflects on the urban design for Landscape Architecture Australia 137.

Brian Donovan (left) and James Grose (right) of BVN Donovan Hill.

BVN Donovan Hill: a timely merger

27 Nov 2013, Luke Slattery

James Grose and Brian Donovan on the merging of their acclaimed architectural practices.

Nanofabrication clean room at the Engineering Science Building, University of California Santa Barbara.

10 Trends: Global laboratory design

26 Nov 2013

Leslie Ashor of Research Facilities Design in San Diegp identifies ten key global trends in lab design.

Canberra Central Parklands: R G Menzies walk traces the shoreline of Lake Burley Griffin.

A singular vision, three strands of government

15 Nov 2013, Catherine Neilson

Three Canberra projects by Oxigen demonstrate challenges and success in working with three strands of government.

Johnson white gloss tiles in Boston Street House.

Material palette: James Russell Architect

8 Nov 2013

A connection to the outdoors through the use of durable materials.

Clouds of Venice installation, Venice, 2012 by Supermanoeuvre.

Material thinking

30 Oct 2013, John de Manincor

John de Manincor talks with David Pigram, Iain Maxwell and James Gardiner about material technology and use.

Publish or perish

Publish or perish

8 Oct 2013, Rowena Hockin

Blueprint founder Peter Murray’s WAF 2013 talk reminds architects about the importance of a media strategy.

Hylozoic Ground by Rachel Armstrong, Philip Beesley and Rob Gorbet.

Biomaterials and modes of praxis

16 Sep 2013, Jennifer Ferng

Are so-called “biomaterials” redefining how architects engage with biological systems?

O Series timber door knobs.

Material palette: Sam Crawford Architects

13 Sep 2013

Tactile materials in the houses by Sam Crawford Architects are integral to its body of work.

Gramazio & Kohler’s (Switzerland) projects combine the physics of built architecture with digital logics.

Material future

1 Aug 2013, Sandra Kaji-O'Grady

Dr Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, co-convenor of the 2013 national conference, urges architects to experiment with new materials.

Besser blocks in Big Hill House by Kerstin Thompson Architects.

Material Palette: Kerstin Thompson

5 Jun 2013

Crafted intelligently from straightforward materials, houses by Kerstin Thompson Architects are robust spaces for living in.

The joy of daylight.

Making more of our relationship to light

20 May 2013, Antony Di Mase

Opportunities to use daylight in architecture are as abundant as light itself.

iDesign: The evolution of the designer

iDesign: The evolution of the designer

8 May 2013, Oliver Kratzer

Oliver Kratzer’s introduction to Artichoke 41 (December 2012).

The PRESSS frame with dampers attached.

Seismic firsts

3 May 2013, Clare Chapman

The first NZ application of PRESSS technology in steel construction comes with an advanced damping system.

111 Eagle Street by Cox Rayner Architects is an example of BIM efficiency. The building was developed with Arup through parametric modelling based on seed germination theory.

Forward history: Practice beyond BIM

5 Apr 2013, Chris Knapp

Architectural practice can be expanded through a fine control of the toolset.

Naoto Fukasawa wall-mount mixer and spout for Fantini.

Material palette: Collins and Turner

3 Apr 2013

Sydney-based Collins and Turner Architects’ refined residential projects are made from carefully selected materials and finishes.

Regularity and strangeness

Regularity and strangeness

25 Mar 2013, Laura Harding

Laura Harding muses on regularity and strangeness in the urban built environment.

Arts, crafts and brutalism

Arts, crafts and brutalism

7 Mar 2013, Patrick Kennedy, Rachel Nolan

Kennedy Nolan Architects reflects on its inspiration from early modern movements for details great and small.

The Atkinson Forum is one of the key public spaces within the academic core that is the focus of placemaking activity and campus planning.

Interview: Andy Sharp / Curtin City

14 Feb 2013, Andy Sharp

Andy Sharp of Curtin University talks about his role in the redevelopment of its campus as a major urban centre.

The Sorrento House uses C-D face plywood.

Material palette: NMBW Architecture Studio

7 Feb 2013

The Melbourne-based studio makes prosaic spaces from a pragmatic palette of plywood, bluestone, brick and concrete block.

The Whale Beach House has black timber stained walls.

Material palette: Popov Bass Architects

21 Jan 2013

The material approach of Sydney practice Popov Bass Architects.

This panel is one of 1010 unique panels that now line the surface of the UTS Great Hall mantle by DRAW. The 1.2 million panel perforations were determined via a Rhino grasshopper script that considered both global and local conditions of transparency for acoustic performance.

Manufacturing difference: the case for customisation

17 Jan 2013, Robert Beson

The convergence of construction and manufacturing technology gives architects greater control.

The living room, between verandah and courtyard, is cross-ventilated and naturally lit. Operable clerestory windows expel the hot air.

Sustainable Courtyard House

8 Jan 2013, Jan O'Connor, Tone Wheeler

A case study in sustainable design and sustainable living: Environa Studio’s Courtyard House.

Aneeta windows in the Albury Residence.

Material palette: David Boyle Architect

3 Jan 2013

A shed-shack material sensibility with a craftsman’s eye for detail.

Lawrence Nield, 2012 Institute Gold Medallist.

Avoiding substance abuse

1 Jan 2013, Lawrence Nield

The 2012 Institute Gold Medallist, Lawrence Nield, reflects on the use of materials and specialization.

Xanthorrhoea 1 working fire station prototype in operating mode.

Xanthorrhoea 1: designed for bushfire

7 Dec 2012

A prototype bushfire building by Cox Architects (Qld).

Green walls and plants throughout the Melbourne ISIS office fitouts improve the indoor air quality for ISIS staff.

Tenancy or building

1 Dec 2012, Joshua Bruce

Tenancy or building: what has the biggest impact on an organization?

Virginia Kerridge Architect’s House in Country NSW takes inspiration from Katsura Imperial Villa where every detail is devoted to the experience of the landscape.

Past occupation

7 Nov 2012, Virginia Kerridge

When considering detail, attention to human scale is key, writes Virginia Kerridge.

Liesl Malan Landscape Architects, Liesl Malan is third from right.

Liesl Malan Landscape Architects

1 Nov 2012, Gweneth Newman Leigh

The Bendigo-based practice of Liesl Malan Landscape Architects has a strong connection to community.

Enzie spiral staircase at Hill House.

Material palette: Andrew Maynard Architects

30 Oct 2012

Products, textures and finishes chosen by Andrew Maynard Architects to help bring imaginative ideas to life.

The prototype being tested at the University of Canterbury's engineering lab.

Engineering wood

1 Oct 2012, Stephen Dickens

Seismic design: post-tensioned timber-framed buildings – a Kiwi innovation from the University of Canterbury.

Architecturally exposed structural steel

Architecturally exposed structural steel

21 Sep 2012, Sylvie Boulanger, Terri Meyer Boake

17 suggestions to help make designing with architecturally exposed structural steel an enjoyable, interactive process.

Balmoral House by Owen & Vokes.

Renovating the suburbs

19 Sep 2012, Greg Bamford

Renovating is an opportunity to rethink how a house can be occupied more sustainably.