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Built-in timber bookshelves that edge the living and dining room are accented by exposed chalk-toned brick.

‘A cascading series of salon spaces’: Garden House

Soft boundaries create multipurpose spaces that reflect a young couple’s character while generous windows connect interiors with “domesticated wilds” around this fluid, functional Melbourne home.

Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Studio

Talking Houses with Jesse Bennett: Planchonella House

In this Talking Houses video, Jesse Bennett and Anne Marie Campagnolo reflect on their remarkable first home together, Planchonella House.

The windows are double-framed, making the glazing blast-proof in the unlikely event of an explosion at the nearby port.

A deceptively simple cafe: Gathered

Designed by Ewert Leaf, this pared-back and striking cafe in Melbourne’s Footscray belies a host of logistical and functional solutions to manage its portside setting.

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The vast plaster ceiling features copiously repeated prismatic forms, housing lights that can be varied in colour and intensity.

A good Melbourne citizen returns: The Capitol

After a major 1960s downscaling and a series of ad hoc renovations, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin’s Capitol Theatre has been re-engineered to beguile audiences for another hundred years.

Darling Point Apartment by Chenchow Little.

Talking Houses with Chenchow Little:
Darling Point Apartment

In this video, Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little return to the Darling Point Apartment to literally unfold the elements of this tranquil apartment.

From the street, Mermaid Multihouse appears as grandly singular, with layered allusions to local architectural styles.

Side-by-side: Mermaid Multihouse

Twin dwellings artfully coalesce in this flexible Gold Coast home, designed by Partners Hill with Hogg and Lamb.

Auchenflower House by Vokes and Peters.

Talking Houses with Vokes and Peters: Auchenflower House

In this third instalment of the Design Speaks video series celebrating 10 years of the Houses Awards, Stuart Vokes and Aaron Peters share the story of the Auchenflower House.

Fresh from a trip to Tulum, on the coast of Mexico, Jean-Pierre Biasol felt that the relaxed and charming interiors he had experienced on his holiday could be inspiration for this eatery.

Memories of Mexico: Sisterhood


In Hobart’s Sandy Bay, Melbourne design studio Biasol has created a relaxed and charming interior for a wide range of diners.

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Shearer's Quarters by John Wardle Architects.

Talking Houses with John Wardle:
Shearer’s Quarters

In this second instalment of the video series, John Wardle shares the story of Shearer’s Quarters, winner of the Australian House of the Year in 2012.

A sepia photo of residents performing a play in 1913 (a provocative “paean to female agency”) becomes a frieze for the body of the Sibyl Centre.

‘Looking backwards to look forwards’: Sibyl Centre

Stories dating back more than a century infuse this addition to the first university college for women in Australia.

The venue is surrounded by stone, concrete and greenery, and this is reflected in the material palette.

A hidden secret: Part Time Lover

This light, timber pavilion in Adelaide by Sans-Arc Studio houses an all-day diner. Surrounded by some of the city’s most significant buildings, Part Time Lover both acknowledges and resists its location.

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Locating the preparatory school along the western boundary of the campus maximizes open playing space, while enhancing the campus enclosure.

Pursuing the campus vision: Christ Church Grammar Preparatory School

With_Architecture Studio

With_Architecture Studio’s recent addition to Perth’s Christ Church Grammar School is a cleverly configured preschool-to-year-six block designed to suit many pedagogical methods.

Cabbage Tree House by Peter Stutchbury Architecture, winner of the 2018 Australian House of the Year.

Talking Houses with Peter Stutchbury:
Cabbage Tree House

This new Houses Awards video series shares the stories, ideas and experience of living in past winners of the Australian House of the Year.

Charismatic new architecture brings the kitchen to ground level and introduces a neat mezzanine.

French connection: Glassbook House

Sibling Architecture’s new addition to a home in Sydney’s inner west hosts a suite of tranquil living and reading spaces.

The nine-metre-high tower is clad in stained Tasmanian hardwood, coarse in texture and rich in the scent of ash and eucalypt.

Memory keeper: In Absence

Edition Office with Yhonnie Scarce

A collaboration between architect and artist, this poignant work in the gardens of the National Gallery of Victoria challenges the colonial legacy of art institutions, interrogating the absence of truth in the western canon and asking: how can architecture reconcile with the brutality of an unlawful and violent colonial history?

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The avocado-hued reception gives a friendly first impression to the spaces beyond.

Work the room: The Commons QV

Foolscap Studio, ISM Objects and Light Project

This co-working space in Melbourne’s CBD designed by Foolscap Studio champions different working styles – from conversations in the amphitheatre to brainstorming in a sensory room.

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The house seems to sit on an axis that bisects the lake, the arc of two headlands, and the horizon of the ocean beyond.

‘Cinematic sublimity’: Wallis Lake House

Matthew Woodward Architecture

Nestled against a ridgeline and taking in views to the distant peaks of the national park beyond, this new home in Whoota, on the New South Wales coast, is born of dedication and collaboration.

The centre is topped by a grand, cantilevering, 40-square-metre parasol structure. It is civic in scale, providing a powerful marker in the landscape.

Architectural egalitarianism: Kingborough Community Hub

Built on the edge of the town of Kingston, Tasmania, this community hub is envisioned as the heart of a suburb that does not yet exist. How might an urban square and community facility attract and serve in the urban fringe?

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On arrival, visitors encounter a crescent-shaped house with a skin of angular concrete.

‘Strangely beautiful’ bush architecture: Castle Cove House

In Sydney’s tranquil Castle Cove, an angular concrete form designed by Terroir in collaboration with Pascale Gomes-McNabb Design is an architectural riff on the rocky crags and crevices that characterize the steep topography of this harbourside suburb.

The oversized arches, with their black mullions and dark glass, recall both Louis Sullivan’s National Farmers’ Bank of Owatonna and the Harbour Bridge.

Recalling bygone grandeur: Rail Operations Centre

Memorializing the tectonics of tunnels, bridges and nineteenth-century suburban train stations, this red-brick, big-box building in inner-city suburban Sydney is a rich form of infrastructure architecture that represents an investment in workers and in the area’s rapidly changing urban fabric.

On an undulating Australian landscape, the house introduces a repeated, geometric architectural ordering.

Architectural poetry: House in the Hills

Defined by its rectilinear parasol of timber batten and set on a working sheep farm in regional Victoria, this house prioritizes clarity over pragmatism, geometric consistency over lavishness, purity and poetry over function.

Venerating the natural context, the architects opted to break the project’s scale down to a granular cluster of five pitched-roofed blocks.

A ‘coats on’ experience: Windermere Jetty Museum

Perched on the shore of England’s largest lake, a “living museum” dedicated to the preservation of maritime craft and tradition articulates and stitches together the many narratives of its place.

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The front facade, adjacent to the tram station and demarcated by white concrete, acts to funnel visitors into the entrance, from which the library’s internal functions then unfold.

A fitting bookend: Luxembourg National Library

Bolles + Wilson, L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign

The new national library of Luxembourg is a complex and multifaceted structure where the deftness of the architect’s illustrative hand has resulted in a flowing sequence of spaces that beckons the community.

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The ensemble forming the resort’s main entrance – a door set in a severe stone-clad box, approached along a tree-lined axis – has a temple-like quality.

History with modern luxury: Amanyangyun Shanghai

In its expansive yet judiciously ordered design for a hotel near Shanghai, this Perth- and Singapore-based practice demonstrates its experience in Asia and its ability to integrate ancient and new.

Imagined as a pure form in the landscape, the design for Bombala Farmhouse captures the minimalist aesthetic of modernist artworks.

First House: Bombala Farmhouse

When a family friend bought a property in southern New South Wales, Penny Collins and Huw Turner, of Collins and Turner, jumped at the chance to design. Here, Penny and Huw reflect on their first house together, a pristine object in the landscape.

The hotel’s two-storey accommodation villas are positioned radially across the site, with chasms between them framing views of the mountains in one direction and the sea in the other.

‘Necessary and motivating’: The Tiing

On the north coast of Bali, a new hotel responds intuitively to its local context, with accommodation carefully angled to reflect the balance of Balinese life between the mountains and the sea.

The museum and a cultural park have been built in the Binhai New Area on land reclaimed from Bohai Bay over the past decade.

Shells, sails and upturned hulls: National Maritime Museum of China

China’s first comprehensive maritime museum, located ouside Tianjin, at once reflects contemporary globalism, the marine history of the local area and a profoundly Australian style of architecture rooted in landscape metaphors.

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While the darkness of the roof cavity appears to extend space vertically, the living room at the back of the house creates a sense of depth.

In praise of shadows: Terrace House near Demachiyanagi

Atelier Luke’s diminutive Japanese-Australian architectural hybrid reconstitutes the fabric of the original townhouse in a respectful yet compelling way, creating spaciousness as much through darkness as through light.

Chapel and Meditation Room in Portugal by Studio Nicholas Burns.

Sacred ambition: Chapel and Meditation Room

Studio Nicholas Burns

Sited among the millennia-old hills and boulders of northern Portugal, this ensemble of spiritual buildings reflects an ambitious set of intentions – to call upon an elemental sense of time, of seasons and of place.

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Enveloped by a broad gable roof, Porter House is designed across a split-level plan that works with the fall of the site.

Revisited: Porter House

Albert Ross

Located in Warrandyte, Victoria, Porter House launched the practice of young mid-century architect Albert Ross, who had cut his teeth working at celebrated studio Grounds, Romberg and Boyd.