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Sydney Park Road by DKO Architecture and Breathe Architecture.

Making a more scalable impact in housing: 2019 Housing Futures conference

12 Aug 2019, Alysia Bennett

In her review of the 2019 Housing Futures conference in Melbourne, Alysia Bennett finds a forum that “provides a concrete and acute understanding of the implications of possibilities and barriers to delivery and scalability of best practice housing.”

Elisapeta Heta of Jasmax at the 2019 National Architecture Conference.

Reconfiguring architecture’s relationship to Indigenous knowledge: 2019 National Architecture Conference

11 Jul 2019, Sam Spurr

Attending the 2019 National Architecture Conference, Sam Spurr was struck by the way the question of collective agency in architecture was grounded in an urgent conversation about how the practice relates to Indigenous knowledge.

Attendees at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

Leaving space for mess in architecture: 2019 National Architecture Conference

11 Jul 2019, Nicola Cortese

Nicola Cortese, a recent graduate, reflects on the 2019 National Architecture Conference and its exhortation to be “less afraid of risk and more exhilarated by the potential offered by experimentation.”

Urban Hallucinations by Julie Eizenberg.

Community Chest: Urban Hallucinations review

26 Jun 2019, Linda Cheng

Urban Hallucinations, the 2019 Gold Medallists’ Koning Eizenberg’s recent publication breaks the mould of traditional monographs and captures a distinct sense of the present and of testing methodologies.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh by Koning Eizenberg, 2004.

The sticky social: Koning Eizenberg

25 Jun 2019, Justine Clark

The Australian Institute of Architects 2019 Gold Medallists Hank Koning and Julie Eizenberg combine a compelling ethical position with wit, curiosity, ambition and empathy, explains Justine Clark.

Paterson House by Enrico Taglietti.

Three Enrico Taglietti houses revisited

7 May 2019, Editorial Desk AAU

The late Enrico Taglietti’s practice had a long commitment to domestic architecture. Here we revisit three notable examples.

Window House (2013) by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects.

Japan: Archipelago of the House

30 Apr 2019, Leanne Amodeo

Investigating Japan’s residential architecture across three categories, this exhibition looks beyond the stereotypical to reveal sincere Japanese domesticity.

At the start of the performance, a monolithic, wedge-shaped wall slices the stage in two.

The deconstruction and choreography of a wall: Dust

11 Apr 2019, Rebecca Gross

In this contemporary dance performance, Liminal Studio and Dancenorth invite audience members to consider how architecture can be exclusive or inclusive, how it can set people apart or bring them together.

The group tour John Wardle's Captain Kelly’s Cottage and Shearer’s Quarters projects on Bruny Island.

A sublime sojourn: The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

9 Apr 2019, Ted Quinton

Ted Quinton reviews the inaugural Architecture Symposium, Hobart, a “weekend of learning in the Tasmanian landscape” that included a day filled with international and local speakers and a tour of John Wardle’s projects on Bruny Island.

Italian architect Renzo Piano at the Renzo Piano: The Art of Making Buildings exhibition on display at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Pitch perfect: Renzo Piano

1 Apr 2019, Colin Martin

From Centre Georges Pompidou to The Shard tower, the designs of Pritzker Prize-winning Italian architect and engineer Renzo Piano are famous around the world.

Alexandra Road by Neave Brown.

A home for all?

29 Mar 2019, Rachael Bernstone

Rachael Bernstone reviews A House for All at the V&A in London, which looks at six experimental public housing projects from the 20th Century.

This house was designed by architect Frederick Bruce Lucas as his own residence in 1941.

Home: A Suburban Obsession

27 Mar 2019, Alice Hampson

Home: A Suburban Obsession celebrates “the allure of home and the stories found within.”

Elva Tang of Henning Larsen Architects presenting at The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane 2019.

Architecture as social facilitator: The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane 2019

20 Mar 2019, Scott Petherick

Scott Petherick reviews The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane, which took place at the State Library of Queensland on 15 March.

Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell masterplan by Neeson Murcutt Architects and Sue Barnsley Design.

Better together: The architecture of women in collaboration

8 Mar 2019, Linda Cheng

Responding to the theme of the 2019 International Women’s Day “Balance for Better,” ArchitectureAU has asked a number of women architects about their collaborations with other women.

The audience at Flex.

Are flexible working arrangements the key to a more equitable workplace, or a gateway to casualization?

8 Mar 2019, Patrick Hunn

An event in Melbourne, held in anticipation of International Women’s Day, sought to dissect the possibilities of flexibility.

Jabiru masterplan by NAAU and Enlocus.

The future is regional: Major projects transforming Australia’s smaller cities and towns

26 Feb 2019, Linda Cheng

ArchitectureAU looks at a range of future projects poised to have a regenerative and transformative effect on the regions.

Blott House (1956) by Robin Boyd.

Four Robin Boyd houses revisited

3 Jan 2019, Editorial Desk AAU

To mark the centenary of Boyd’s birth, ArchitectureAU looks back at his most enduring legacy, residential architecture, through four of his houses.

Invisible House by Peter Stutchbury Architecture.

Architecture for rent

28 Dec 2018, Editorial Desk AAU

From modernist masterpieces to contemporary compact living, ArchitectureAU rounds up five award-winning and exemplary homes for the holidays.

Green Spine by UN Studio and Cox Architecture.

Futures, festivities and furore: 2018 in review

27 Dec 2018, Josh Harris

ArchitectureAU looks back at the people, projects and moments that shaped the architectural discourse in Australia in 2018.

Suburbia: The Familiar and Forgotten by Warren Kirk (Scribe, 2018).

Brutalist beauties, suburban oddballs and better cities: 2018 summer reading list for architects

27 Dec 2018, Josh Harris

ArchitectureAU journalist Josh Harris rounds up some of the more enjoyable books on architecture from 2018.

Jeremy Irons in High-rise. By international law, all architects in film and television have to be lit like this.

Dystopian and aloof: The pathology of architects in cinema

21 Dec 2018, Patrick Hunn

ArchitectureAU journalist Patrick Hunn rounds up three architecture-inspired movies for an indoor television holiday away from the studio.

Jørn Utzon at the Utzon House in Hellebæk.

The wandering architect: Utzon unlocked

20 Dec 2018, Philip Drew

Reflecting on an exhibitionthat celebrated the centenary of Jørn Utzon’s birth, Philip Drew explores how the ruined pyramids of the Maya and the invention of the Super 8 film camera shaped the architect’s work.

Patricia Piccinini, Skywhale 2013, nylon, polyester, nomex, hyperlast, cable, 340 x 230 x 200 cm, commissioned for The Centenary of Canberra.

‘The female perspective on love and emotional intensity’: Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester exhibition

14 Dec 2018, Emily Wong

Tarrawarra Museum of Art is now playing host to an exhibition of works by Australian artists Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester.

The Melbourne Pavilion at Hong Kong's DesignInspire, as part of Business of Design Week.

Creating better cities: Hong Kong’s Business of Design Week 2018

12 Dec 2018, Cassie Hansen

At the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, a purpose-built pavilion showcased the largest-ever presentation international presentation of Victorian design.

Cookie by Phillip Schemnitz Architect.

‘Magic at work’: Cookie’s architect on its enduring design

6 Dec 2018

Phillip Schemnitz, who has designed some of Melbourne’s most-treasured restaurants, bars and nightclubs, reflects on his career and the people who have defined it.

Installation view of Escher x Nendo at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Escher x Nendo will surprise, delight and challenge

5 Dec 2018, Sasha Grishin

The National Gallery of Victoria engaged Oki Sato of Tokyo design studio Nendo to enter a dialogue with Dutch artist Escher and his world of impossible objects, endless stairs and radical visual transformation.

Frida Escobedo’s pavilion is aligned to the Serpentine Gallery beyond.

Summer of architecture and art: Christo, Jeanne-Claude and the Serpentine Pavilion.

29 Nov 2018, Colin Martin

In London, Colin Martin explores an exhibition by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and the latest Serpentine Pavilion.

Trinity College.

The ascension of Celtic architecture: 2018 RIAI Conference

23 Nov 2018, Philip Vivian

Philip Vivian, design director of Bates Smart, reviews The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland’s 2018 conference in Dublin.

Pritzker Prize-winner Eduardo Souto de Moura spoke to the group at Arquia Próxima about four projects. Haley Hooper described him as "kingly, comedic and super relaxed".

‘Architecture is form’: Arquia Próxima

21 Nov 2018, Haley Hooper

Haley Hooper reports on the evolution of Spanish architecture and a talk from Pritzker Prize-winner Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Speakers at The Architecture Symposium, Sydney.

All we can hope or ask for: The Architecture Symposium Sydney

16 Nov 2018, Mark Raggatt

At The Architecture Symposium Sydney, an event billed as giving voice to Australia’s world-class architects, Mark Raggatt found the day full of questioning and hope.

Ann-Maree Ruffles (ThomsonAdsett) speaks at the 2018 Health Care/Health Design conference.

Human need, human condition: 2018 Health Care / Health Design conference

8 Nov 2018, Casey Bryant

At the 2018 Health Care / Health Design conference, Casey Bryant found opportunities and challenges emerging as the home and the hospital become increasingly intertwined.

Old School / New School 2018 was held at the Sofitel in Melbourne on 26 September.

Designing for the unknown: 2018 Old School / New School conference

19 Oct 2018, Josh Harris

Bringing together influential architects, designers and educators to discuss the future of education design, 2018’s Old School / New School was held at the Sofitel in Melbourne on 26 September.

A presentation at ADR18.

A new phase in the evolution of design research

18 Oct 2018, Pia Ednie-Brown

Pia Ednie-Brown reviews the first Annual Design Research conference at the University of Sydney and finds it “a tantalizing whiff of the the future.”

Work Place/Work Life 2018.

‘Understanding the lives of employees and the personalities of companies’: 2018 Work Place / Work Life forum

12 Oct 2018, Hannes Zirknitzer

Work Place / Work Life, the annual workplace design forum that is part of the Design Speaks program, threw diverse perspectives and knowledge backgrounds into the turbulent discourse of workplace strategy and design.

In Urban Decay, miniaturist Joshua Smith depicts "overlooked" buildings from across Sydney, including the Karim Building on Wentworth Avenue, the Olympia Milk Bar on Parramatta Road, and the Chinese Ginsengs and Herbs Co. building in Haymarket.

‘Through the eyes of a street artist’: the work of miniaturist Joshua Smith

27 Sep 2018, Campbell Drake, Luke Tipene

Luke Tipene and Campbell Drake, lecturers at the University of Technology Sydney, in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Building, reflect on Joshua Smith’s Urban Decay Exhibition.

Australia's exhibition at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, Repair, by creative directors Baracco and Wright Architects and Linda Tegg.

Elegant and experimental: Repair

31 Aug 2018, Justin Mallia

Justin Mallia reviews Australia’s exhibition at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale and finds it “an elegant and visually striking composition” that is “eloquently composed and engagingly experiential.”

The Australian exhibition at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale curated by Baracco and Wright Architects with artist Linda Tegg explores the concept of “repair”.

Environment, habitat and cultural history: Repair

29 Aug 2018, Dermot Foley

‘Repair’, the Australian exhibition at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale calls us to reflect upon environment, habitat and the cultural history within which we work as designers.

The Australian Ugliness by Eugenia Lim and collaborators.

Ambassador of taste: Eugenia Lim’s The Australian Ugliness

23 Aug 2018, Ella Leoncio

In this three-channel video installation, Lim plays a stylized, alien figure, “the Ambassador,” who navigates some of Australia’s most iconic architectural works.

Table Top Apartments by Kwong Von Glinow Design Office uses a system of modules that is flexible to accommodate the various lot sizes of New York City and is adaptable to various unit combinations.

Shifting the status quo: 2018 Housing Futures

14 Aug 2018, Heidi Dokulil

Heidi Dokulil reviews the 2018 Housing Futures forum, which explored what makes a residential development work and how to regulate quality at a time when a short-term, calculator-driven model is at its peak.

Dangrove by Tzannes (2018).

A continuing city: The work of 2018 Gold Medallist Alec Tzannes

14 Aug 2018, Philip Goad

Through the lens of an “overriding preoccupation with the city,” Philip Goad examines the architectural oeuvre of 2018 Gold Medallist Alec Tzannes, who has “helped to build and shape the difficult metropolis that is Sydney.”

Ian Strange's Island series was on exhibition at the RMIT Project Space.

Domestic interventions: Ian Strange’s Island

24 Jul 2018, Daniel Palmer

In his latest work, artist Ian Strange presents an ambiguous portrait of the suburban home, oscillating from place of refuge to one of entrapment perilously wedded to political, financial and environmental (mis)fortunes.