Tag: 2014 AA Urban Housing Dossier

Workers' housing, Millers Point, Sydney (1906-1917), an exceptional urban project that synthesises geography, subdivision, public space and housing.
Discourse | Laura Harding and Philip Thalis | 26 Aug 2014

Making the city: Urban housing

The pervasive commodification of urban housing in Australia is creating mean-spirited cities. Can architects do better?

Coffs Harbour caravan park, 1967.
Discourse | Peter Myers | 7 Aug 2014

Is this Roadtown?

Peter Myers wonders if Australia is on the cusp of realising a vehicular ‘utopia’ of endless urbanism.

Melbourne Terrace Apartments, Nonda Katsalidis (1994).
Discourse | Robert Stent | 28 Jul 2014

Urban housing in Melbourne

Robert Stent considers the history of multi-residential housing in Victoria’s contemporary, global context.

Highpoint Hurstville, Stanisic Architects.
Discourse | Frank Stanisic | 28 Jul 2014

The rise and rise of urban housing in Sydney

How SEPP65 and limited design competitions are shaping a more liveable Sydney.

Cotton Tree Housing Project, Maroochydore, by Clare Design (1995).
Discourse | Lindsay Clare and Kerry Clare | 16 Jul 2014

Improving the quality of housing

Lindsay and Kerry Clare consider the impact of SEPP 65 planning regulations on residential design in New South Wales.