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Ask the silly questions: CODA Studio's Emma Williamson
People | Sam Spurr | 30 Oct 2014

Ask the silly questions: Emma Williamson

Emma Williamson of CODA Studio on generosity, humility and architecture’s hidden heroes.

The audience at Making, the 2014 National Architecture Conference held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Discussion | Ben Hewett and Sam Spurr | 23 Oct 2014

Uncritical regionalism and critical practice

After the buzz of the National Architecture Conference has faded, Ben Hewett and Sam Spurr investigate what discussions the annual event fostered and what possibilities it opened up.

House for Trees in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2014).
People | Anna Tweeddale | 23 Oct 2014

Vo Trong Nghia: Making an impact

Anna Tweeddale talks to architect Vo Trong Nghia to discuss how his practice is going about making its particular mark on Vietnamese architecture.

Andrew Burns on culture as a landscape of ideas
People | Sam Spurr | 16 Oct 2014

Andrew Burns on culture as a landscape of ideas

Andrew Burns talks to Sam Spurr about architecture’s role in forming identity.

Lyndon Neri: Community of thought
People | Rowena Hockin | 26 Jun 2014

Lyndon Neri: Community of thought

Lyndon Neri (Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, Shanghai) talks with Rowena Hockin.

Architect Marina Tabassum, guest speaker at Making 2014 in Perth.
People | Rowena Hockin | 17 Jun 2014

Marina Tabassum: Ideas over gender

Rowen Hockin talks with Bangladesh-based architect Marina Tabassum in Perth 2014.

Wen Hsia and BC Ang, WHBC Architects, Kuala Lumpur.
People | Warwick Mihaly | 12 Jun 2014

Wen Hsia and BC Ang: Joyously pragmatic

WHBC Architects of Kuala Lumpur talk with Warwick Mihaly in Perth at Making 2014.

Under construction: Mt Pleasant Garden Ruin by Owen and Vokes and Peters.
Discussion | Rowena Hockin | 10 Jun 2014

Slide night: Small wonders

Rowena Hockin finds beauty in small things at a pre-conference event in Perth.

Full house at the Perth Convention Centre for the Making 2014 conference.
Discussion | Rowena Hockin | 5 Jun 2014

Making 2014: Realignment to region

Rowena Hockin reflects on the 2014 National Architecture Conference in her hometown, Perth.

A full house at the Perth Convention Centre for the 2014 National Architecture Conference.
Discussion | Warwick Mihaly | 2 Jun 2014

2014 National Architecture Conference

Warwick Mihaly reviews the 2014 National Architecture Conference.

Parlour panel at 2014 National Architecture conference, L–R: Justine Clark, Naomi Stead, Helene Combs Dreiling (president of American Institute of Architects), Emma Williamson, and Beth Miller (Community Design Collaborative).
Discussion | Michael Smith | 23 May 2014

Gender equality

Michael Smith interviews three Institute advocates on gender disparity in the practice of architecture.

2014 National Architecture Conference
Conferences | 16 Dec 2013

2014 National Architecture Conference

The 2014 conference has the theme – Making.

2014 Making: National Architecture .Conference
News | Helen Norrie | 5 Nov 2013

Conference in the Making

Helen Norrie previews the 2014 National Architecture Conference — Making.

2014 conference directors announced
News | 1 Jun 2013

2014 conference directors announced

Creative directors and host city for 2014 National Architecture Conference announced.

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