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AA Roundtable 09 panel discussion in Perth, March 2013.
Discussion | 9 Oct 2013

AA Roundtable 09

The Economics of Good Architecture

AA Roundtable 08 panel (from left) Michelle Tabet, Donald Bates, Peter Skinner, Tory Jones, and facilitator, Timothy Moore.
Discussion | 26 Mar 2013

AA Roundtable 08

Stories about the people and issues shaping architecture.

AA Roundtable 06 was held at the UTS Architecture Warehouse in October 2011.
News | 27 Sep 2012

AA Roundtable 08

A thought-leading public forum on the importance of collaboration in civic architecture.

Roy Green, Helen Lochhead, Timothy Moore, Andrew Cortese and Timothy Hill.
Discussion | 16 May 2012

AA Roundtable 06

Faced with more rules and regulations, is it time to take a risk?

AA Roundtable 05 at the Perth office of ISIS.
Discussion | 1 Sep 2011

AA Roundtable 05

Retrofitting the city: divergent experiences of urban renewal.

AA Roundtable 04 panel: Justine Clark, Nicholas Murcutt, Susan Phillips, Geoffrey London, Steve Ashton and Timothy Horton.
Discussion | 2 Jan 2011

AA Roundtable 04

Procurement: Processes and outcomes, problems and opportunities.

Panelists Natasha Palich, Jim Gall, Ceridwen Owen, Carey Lyon and Shane Murray.
Discussion | 1 Jul 2010

AA Roundtable 03

What practice can do to move towards a more sustainable future.

The AA Roundtable 02 in action at the University of Queensland Art Museum.
Discussion | 1 Jan 2010

AA Roundtable 02

The roles played by media in developing architectural culture.

AA Roundtable 01: Stories of the Downturn: Embodied Knowledge and Future Possibilities.
Discussion | 1 Nov 2009

AA Roundtable 01

Stories of the downturn: Embodied knowledge and future possibilities.

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