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A stop on the Docklands SoundWalk in Melbourne.
Discourse | Hannah Lewi and Wally Smith | 25 Jun 2012

A mobile guide

The recent rise of smartphone archi-tour applications attempts to augment our sense of place.

Looking towards Port Hedland.
Review | Tony Fry and Eleni Kalantidou | 25 Jun 2012

Futuring Port Hedland

The civic expansion of Port Hedland requires a thinking beyond the life span of the mining boom.

The experimentation with inflatable structures, in the same year as the “strike,” demonstrates the new style of architectural education that followed.
Discourse | Lee Stickells and Glen Hill | 22 Jun 2012

Pig Architecture

The architecture student strike of 1972 at the University of Sydney ushered in a new era of architectural education.

One Bligh is “a billboard for the big end of town.”
Discourse | Oliver Watts and Tim Gregory | 21 Jun 2012

Building ideology

On a walk through Sydney’s CBD Tim Gregory and Oliver Watts thrash out the ideology embedded in building.

Are we losing ground?
Discourse | 21 Jun 2012

Are we losing ground?

An introduction to the Beyond Building dossier featured in the March 2012 issue of Architecture Australia.

Archizines displayed over sixty publications at the Architectural Association in London between 5 November and 14 December 2011. The exhibition travels to New York, Paris, Istanbul, Brussels and Bratislava from April 2012, and will arrive in Australia during early 2013.
Review | Andrew Murray | 20 Jun 2012

Pretty Little Magazines

Is the zine a radical platform to influence architectural critique and practice today?

Melanie Dodd.
People | Rory Hyde and Melanie Dodd | 20 Jun 2012

What is considered architecture?

Melanie Dodd interviewed by Rory Hyde.

Vibrant City Forum participants discuss the future of Adelaide.
Discourse | Stephen Ward | 7 Jun 2012

The Big Idea in Adelaide

Following the announcement of the pulling of the IDC’s funding, we look back at Stephen Ward’s review of the program.

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