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Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

Population and urban infrastructure in the century of cities

As the population of Australian cities increases and the earth’s climate shifts as a result of human activity, the way we design our cities must change.

Melbourne’s Hosier Lane.

Sexism and the city: how urban planning has failed women

The proportion of women to men in architecture and associated professions is low. Can cities not designed by women really meet their needs?

Rio de Janeiro will be among the case studies used in a free online course on cities taught by Harvard staff.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 15 Feb 2018

Harvard offering free online course on cities

A free online course will offer students a “far-ranging look at the past, present and future of cities,” guided by Harvard economics professor Edward Glaeser.

Dutch studio MVRDV has converted a former overpass into a plant-covered walkway in Seoul, South Korea.
The World | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 31 May 2017

Circular motions: Seoullo 7017

Is MVRDV’s“sky garden” Seoul’s answer to New York’s High Line or a “giant marketing stunt” derived from a process of “shape throwing”? Landscape Australia editor Ricky Ray Ricardo paid a visit.

The population densities of most Australian cities are among the very lowest of cities with a population more than half a million people.
News | Patrick Hunn | 20 Apr 2017

Australian cities among the largest and least densely settled in the world

Demographia’s annual World Urban Areas report is a survey of the size, population and density of every urban agglomeration in the world with a population above half a million people.

The uneven distribution of wealth in big cities is a concern for its residents.

Our big cities are engines of inequality, so how do we fix that?

University of Sydney researchers have found that as cities grow, income inequality increases. How can cities redress the growing divide and allow more people to be better connected and access social and cultural opportunities?

The city of Brisbane in Queensland.
News | Louisa Wright | 12 Jul 2016

Climate change, housing affordability key challenges for re-elected government

The Australian Institute of Architects urges the re-elected Coalition government to deal with key challenges facing Australia’s built environment.

Could the UK's City Deals model lead to better urban outcomes for Australia?
Discussion | Paul Burton | 6 Apr 2016

City Deals: nine reasons this imported model of urban development demands due diligence

Will a UK model of urban policy and infrastructure funding work in Australia? Professor of urban management and planning Paul Burton evaluates.

The FJMT towers and Kengo Kuma's building are both located in the south-east plot.
News | Sian Johnson | 17 Mar 2016

FJMT addition to Darling Square revealed

Three mixed-use towers by FJMT will join Kengo Kuma’s civic building as part of the $3.4b redevelopment of Darling Harbour.

Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga – Stage 1 by Adelaide City Council and Taylor Cullity Lethlean.
News | Sian Johnson | 16 Mar 2016

Adelaide launches public space design manual

The City of Adelaide has launched a holistic design manual to guide the creation of sustainable and attractive public spaces.

Australian cities need a federal plan for growth, says urban management and planning professor Paul Burton.
Discussion | Paul Burton | 15 Mar 2016

Memo to our latest cities minister

Paul Burton, professor of urban management and planning, pens an open letter to the new federal assistant minister for cities and digital transformation.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan from Infrastructure Australia aims to help the country to accommodate a population of 30 million by 2031.
News | Sian Johnson | 18 Feb 2016

Infrastructure Plan calls for user-pays roads, higher density

The Aus Infrastructure Plan recommends user-pays roads to service a growing population, but ignores green infrastructure.

Aerial view of Centennial Park, Sydney.
News | Linda Cheng | 16 Feb 2016

AILA mobilizes force to advise federal cities policy

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has formed an alliance that will advise the Australian government on cities policy.

News | Sian Johnson | 15 Feb 2016

Minister for Cities lost in reshuffle

Minister for Cities and the Built Environment gone just six months after being created by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Rocinha Favela in Brazil. In the global south, if you live in a city there is a one-in-three chance that you live in a slum.
Discussion | Brendan Barrett | 28 Jan 2016

The ethical city

To meet the challenges of the 21st century, we need to change the way we conceive, manage and build our cities.

Former Minister for Cities and the Built Environment Jamie Briggs was only in the role for just over three months.
News | Sian Johnson | 4 Jan 2016

Uncertain future for Minister for Cities

Environment minister Greg Hunt named acting Minister for Cities after Jamie Briggs resigned just three months into the role.

The vision for a Velotopia, a bicycle-oriented utopia, is already played out in some European cities such as Amsterdam.

Utopia: seriously, good urban planning should aspire to it

Lecturers Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo put forward their grand vision of Velotopia, a bicycle-oriented utopia.

Green walls may pollute offices in heat
News | Sian Johnson | 12 Oct 2015

Green walls may pollute offices in heat

UK-based research has found that heatwaves in polluted urban areas could render exterior green walls a risk to human health.

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