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The Neo200 building.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 11 Dec 2019

Victoria’s building regulation to be reviewed

The Victorian government has appointed a six-person panel to review the state’s building regulation, in the face of high profile defects and use of non-compliant materials.

Opal Tower in Sydney was found to require significant rectification works after cracks appeared in the building. The final report from the investigation concluded the damage was caused by a number of factors from environmental to poor quality materials and workmanship, and errors in the structural system design. The report made no mention of architectural design contributing to the defects. Bates Smart, the architects of the building, said it is continuing to offer their expertise and support the rectification team.
News | Linda Cheng | 25 Oct 2019

Architects call for increased accountability amid building defects crisis

The Australian Institute of Architects has again called for more regulation and supervision of the construction of new apartments, as the industry continues to feel the effects of the building defects crisis.

A fire at the Lacrosse building in Melbourne’s Docklands prompted an audit of building with non-compliant cladding in Victoria.
News | Linda Cheng | 16 Jul 2019

‘Sensible and overdue’: Vic gov’t announces $600m package to fix ‘high-risk’ cladding

The Victorian government has announced it will establish a new agency and a $600 million fund to rectify buildings with high-risk cladding.

The Lacrosse building in Melbourne's Docklands.
News | Linda Cheng | 5 Mar 2019

Judge finds architect proportionately liable for Lacrosse fire damages

A “landmark decision” in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal could have ramifications across the industry.

Institute praises NSW government for major shake-up of building safety laws
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 13 Feb 2019

Institute praises NSW government for major shake-up of building safety laws

The NSW government will introduce sweeping changes to the state’s building laws after recent building safety events.

The Lacrosse building in Melbourne's Docklands.
Discussion | Geoff Hanmer | 12 Feb 2019

Cladding fire risks have been known for years. Lives depend on acting now

While property sector seems to be offering its version of “thoughts and prayers” following the Neo200 fire the we have known of the risk for years and the problem can be rectified.

The Neo200 building.
News | Patrick Hunn | 11 Feb 2019

Building safety reform ‘too slow’ despite flammable cladding ban agreement, says Institute

The Institute’s national president Clare Cousins says the agreement reached by building ministers on combustible cladding “fails even the most basic test of common sense.”

The Lacrosse Building in Melbourne’s Docklands.
News | Patrick Hunn | 19 Mar 2018

Victoria to ban ‘most dangerous’ types of combustible cladding

The Vic government will effectively ban certain types of combustible cladding, based on the findings of a taskforce investigating the use of the materials across the state.

The Lacrosse Building in Melbourne’s Docklands.
News | Patrick Hunn | 4 Dec 2017

‘Poor culture of compliance’: Institute calls for greater regulation following cladding audit interim report

An interim report published by the Victorian Cladding Taskforce on a pilot audit of Victorian buildings has identified up to 1,400 buildings with non-compliant cladding.

Øvre Forsland power station, Norway, by Stein Hamre arkitektkontor, featuring Kebony timber.
Product | Editorial Desk AAU | 5 Sep 2015

A sustainable alternative to hardwood

Kebony timber offers the performance of hardwood, with the environmental credentials of an FSC certified softwood.

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