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University of Wollongong's Sustainable Buildings Research Centre by Cox Richardson (now Cox Architecture).
Discussion | Davina Rooney | 4 Aug 2020

Decarbonizing the construction sector: The role of certification

The CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia explains how the organization aims to take advantage of the construction sector’s ability to decarbonize in order to create the change required for a sustainable future.

Ellen Buttrose.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 3 Aug 2020

Climate and politics in the tropics

Two members of People Oriented Design explain how the challenging climatic and political environments of Far North Queensland impact their approach to sustainable practice.

Emma Williamson.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 30 Jul 2020

If we want to make the biggest impact, we can’t just be obsessed with the building

Emma Williamson, CEO and co-founder of The Fulcrum Agency explains how her practice is “working invisibly behind the scenes” to influence better outcomes.

Kerry Clare (left) and Lindsay Clare (right).
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 27 Jul 2020

Super highrise is not the answer

In the fight against the effects of climate change, Clare Design directors Kerry and Lindsay Clare argue the challenge extends beyond our buildings and into the urban realm.

Ken Maher.
Discourse | Linda Cheng | 23 Jul 2020

Minimum standards must be lifted significantly

Ken Maher, president of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) says regulations need to be lifted and more incentives introduced to meet the climate challenge.

Helen Lochhead.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 21 Jul 2020

Educating clients is the responsibility of every architect

Helen Lochhead, immediate past national president of the Australian Institute of Architects outlines the steps the Institute is taking to support its members in the climate challenge.

Jefa Greenaway.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 20 Jul 2020

Indigenous people were the first ecologists

Jefa Greenaway, director of Greenaway Architects, says the built environment professions have a lot to learn from Indigenous knowledge systems in the effort to combat the effects of climate change.

Paul Toyne.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 16 Jul 2020

Achieving net zero is just a start

Paul Toyne, Grimshaw’s practice sustainability leader says that achieving net-zero carbon emissions won’t enough and more action is needed.

Jeremy McLeod.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 14 Jul 2020

Simple steps towards a sustainable future

Jeremy McLeod, founder and director of Breathe Architecture outlines some actionable steps for a more sustainable future.

Caroline Pidcock.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 13 Jul 2020

‘Build less, build smaller,’ says Caroline Pidcock

Caroline Pidcock, spokesperson for Architects Declare Australia, says designing efficient building envelopes plays a big part in reducing carbon emissions.

Sydney CBD.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 7 Jul 2020

A sustainable future starts now

We asked 10 industry leaders about how the architecture industry can and should respond to the climate crisis.

Stephen Choi.
Discussion | Stephen Choi | 6 Jul 2020

So, we’ve declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. Where to from here?

Stephen Choi outlines how architects – at the most practical level – can save the earth, from deepening our understanding of human behaviour to uniting disconnected habitats and building in resilience.

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