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Walngal outstation in Wik Lands, south of Cape Keerweer, Western Cape York, Queensland.

Remote Indigenous settlements – more than tiny dots on a map

Indigenous people and their settlements are more than tiny dots littered across a vast continent. These smaller settlements are under threat of closure by top-down policies in favour of urban concentration.

Tjuntjuntjara community housing by Iredale Pedersen Hook demonstrates the value of extended consultation and a clear understanding of the overlapping factors influencing remote Aboriginal housing.

Sharing plans for Aboriginal housing

A small group of practitioners and researchers have made a noteworthy contribution to the quality and supply of housing for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The accumulated expertise, including well-informed housing designs, should be more broadly shared.

The entry to Tom Fisher House, a night shelter for the homeless in Perth designed by Coda.

A space to exhale: Tom Fisher House

Western Australian architecture practice Coda has designed a night shelter, Tom Fisher House, that provides a moment of repose for those who are sleeping rough on the streets of Perth.

Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women in Perth, Western Australia (opened 2004).
Discussion | Elizabeth Grant | 5 Dec 2016

The architecture of detention: why design matters

From an architectural perspective, little consideration is given to the design and monitoring of detention centres in Australia. Sensitive, humane, culturally appropriate custodial design should be employed for this “architecture of displacement.”

Housing equity, housing inclusion
Discussion | Wendy Lovelace | 5 Dec 2016

Housing equity, housing inclusion

Architect Wendy Lovelace explains why it’s the imperative for housing to accommodate the varying needs and abilities of the Australian population.

The Offset House by Otherothers.
Discussion | Alicia Pozniak | 24 Nov 2016

Offset House: reframing the Australian Dream

Designed in response to Australia’s obsession with the McMansion, a speculative project by architecture practice Otherothers demonstrates how the outer walls of a large, detached single-family home can be re-zoned to accommodate multiple inhabitants and a range of functions.

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