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Pro bono publico
Practice | Ceridwen Owen | 17 Jul 2012

Pro bono publico

The service of architecture for the public good can be a gift without expectation of reward.

Director of Elenberg Fraser, Callum Fraser.
People | Timothy Moore and Callum Fraser | 16 Jul 2012

Interview: Callum Fraser

Finding a balance between economics and design: how architects can shape market forces.

The office of AECOM Brisbane is an amalgam of several existing companies, including EDAW, Maunsell and Davis Langdon.
Practice | 14 Jul 2012

The advantage of size

A downturn in economic activity offers a moment to take stock and to reassess the future in the face of changing expectations.

In 2010, women architecture graduates started on salaries that were, on average, 88% of men’s starting salaries. Pictured here are some of the staff at Bates Smart.
Discourse | Justine Clark | 24 May 2012

Engendering architecture

Women’s involvement in architecture is not only about social justice, it’s an economic imperative.