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A Parlour Soirée
Functions | 7 May 2015

A Parlour Soirée

A launch to mark Parlour’s next phase as an incorporated association.

How do we achieve a more equitable profession for all?
Discussion | 27 Nov 2014

Gender equity in architecture: What can we do?

Naomi Stead and Justine Clark outline the programs and tools for a more equitable profession.

Women's participation in architecture lag behind accountants, general practitioners and solicitors.

Women in architecture: How do we compare to other professions?

A snapshot of gendered participation in architecture compared with other professions.

Is having children still an issue in a modern architecture profession?

Does motherhood + architecture = no career?

Sandra Kaji O’Grady examines the “proverbial elephant in the room”: the impact of children on women’s architecture careers.

Women leaving architecture uncovers larger questions of the core values and work culture with the architecture profession.
Discussion | Dr Karen Burns | 17 Nov 2014

Why do women leave?

Karen Burns examines the responses to a Parlour survey that tries to establish why women leave the architecture profession.

Social norms are changing - fewer families consist of a stay-at-home wife who frees the husband to dedicate long hours to work.
Discussion | Julie Willis | 10 Nov 2014

Not just a “women’s problem”

With long hours, low pay and rigid schedules, is architecture’s workplace culture sustainable for anyone?

The research shows women in the architecture workforce are in steady decline after graduation.
Discussion | Gill Matthewson | 3 Nov 2014

Women in architecture: who counts?

Research on rates of participation for women in Australian architecture points towards systemic inequity in the profession.

The Parlour survey reveals experiences of architectural working conditions are shared between men and women.
Discussion | Justine Clark | 30 Oct 2014

Where do all the women go?

Justine Clark reveals the results of two Parlour surveys into women’s (and men’s) participation in architecture.

A female architect at work in BVN studio.
Discussion | Naomi Stead | 27 Oct 2014

The state of gender equity in architecture in Australia: The research is in

Dr Naomi Stead presents the key outcomes of a three-year-long research project into the women in architecture.

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