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A collapsed building in central Christchurch.
News | Patrick Hunn | 15 May 2017

It takes a disaster for property purchasers to take notice of land hazard risk, study finds

A study of Christchurch, New Zealand found that consumers barely took notice of land hazard risk in their purchasing decisions until the 2011 earthquake.

The prototype being tested at the University of Canterbury's engineering lab.
Discussion | Stephen Dickens | 1 Oct 2012

Engineering wood

Seismic design: post-tensioned timber-framed buildings – a Kiwi innovation from the University of Canterbury.

Brisbane's The Buchan Group has designed a temporary shopping mall for Christchurch.
News | 19 Dec 2011

Brisbane architects rebuild Christchurch

The Buchan Group has created a temporary retail hub in Christchurch’s CBD.

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