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Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours
Discussion | Lynda Simmons | 31 Jan 2020

Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours

Lynda Simmons discusses how the hours spent ‘working’ and ‘caring’ are divided and how that might affect architecture practices.

The WikiD Guide to Wikipedia Editing is available in both English and German.
News | Patrick Hunn | 8 Mar 2017

‘Edit-a-thon’ to address lack of representation for women architects on Wikipedia

Parlour will host its annual Wikipedia ‘edit-a-thon’ at the NGV for the third time on 18 March.

A WikiD Guide to Wikipedia Editing has been developed and is available in both English and German.
News | Sian Johnson | 23 Nov 2015

Wikipedia boost for women architects

Number of Australian women architects on Wikipedia has increased from 10 to 65 due to the efforts of the WikiD project.

Parlour's Guides to Equitable Practice provide information on topics such as pay equity, long-hours culture, career progression and recruitment.
News | Sian Johnson | 23 Jul 2015

Parlour shortlisted for RIBA award

Royal Institute of British Architects shortlists Australian gender equity organization for President’s Award for Research.

Crowdfunding equity in architecture
News | Sian Johnson | 20 May 2015

Crowdfunding equity in architecture

Not-for-profit organization Parlour has launched a crowdfunding campaign to secure its future.

Workers at BVN's Sydney studio. BVN is among the first signatories to the new Champions of Change Charter.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 23 Mar 2015

NSW architects commit to equitable workplaces

The Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter launches a new gender equity program.

How do we achieve a more equitable profession for all?
Discussion | 27 Nov 2014

Gender equity in architecture: What can we do?

Naomi Stead and Justine Clark outline the programs and tools for a more equitable profession.

Women's participation in architecture lag behind accountants, general practitioners and solicitors.

Women in architecture: How do we compare to other professions?

A snapshot of gendered participation in architecture compared with other professions.

Is having children still an issue in a modern architecture profession?

Does motherhood + architecture = no career?

Sandra Kaji O’Grady examines the “proverbial elephant in the room”: the impact of children on women’s architecture careers.

Women leaving architecture uncovers larger questions of the core values and work culture with the architecture profession.
Discussion | Dr Karen Burns | 17 Nov 2014

Why do women leave?

Karen Burns examines the responses to a Parlour survey that tries to establish why women leave the architecture profession.

The Parlour survey reveals experiences of architectural working conditions are shared between men and women.
Discussion | Justine Clark | 30 Oct 2014

Where do all the women go?

Justine Clark reveals the results of two Parlour surveys into women’s (and men’s) participation in architecture.

A female architect at work in BVN studio.
Discussion | Naomi Stead | 27 Oct 2014

The state of gender equity in architecture in Australia: The research is in

Dr Naomi Stead presents the key outcomes of a three-year-long research project into the women in architecture.

Parlour panel at 2014 National Architecture conference, L–R: Justine Clark, Naomi Stead, Helene Combs Dreiling (president of American Institute of Architects), Emma Williamson, and Beth Miller (Community Design Collaborative).
Discussion | Michael Smith | 23 May 2014

Gender equality

Michael Smith interviews three Institute advocates on gender disparity in the practice of architecture.

Two important areas covered in the new Parlour Guidelines to Equitable Practice.
News | 13 May 2014

Parlour Equitable Practice Guidelines

Parlour releases it Guidelines for Equitable Practice in architecture.

Gender salary gap not so great
News | Shelley Penn | 13 Feb 2013

Gender salary gap not so great

AIA national president Shelly Penn’s follow-up to the debate on gender disparity in graduate architect salaries.

The gender gap in graduate salaries
News | 15 Jan 2013

The gender gap in graduate salaries

Answering some of the questions raised by the recent WGEA GradStats report.

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