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Built by hand on site, the cabin was constructed from hardy, readily available materials.
Projects | Drew Heath | 9 Jul 2019

First House: Zigzag Cabin

Acting as a “billboard in the bush” for architecture, this colourful cabin that was completed almost twenty years ago, was a first foray into the design-build process for architect Drew Heath.

Working with an experienced engineer, Andrew devised a structural timber exoskeleton.
Projects | Andrew Maynard | 26 Apr 2019

First House: Essex House

Working with an experienced engineer, a young Andrew Maynard used his first project as a testing ground for ideas, many of which form the basis of the design fundamentals he applies today.

The house features tactile, honest materials, from plywood cladding to Killarney ash and concrete flooring.
Projects | Hannah Tribe | 14 Mar 2019

First house: House Shmukler

Taking inspiration from the whimsy and rigour of artist Sol LeWitt, Tribe Studio’s inventive, sustainable first house paints a “portrait” of its clients and hints at what would become the studio’s prevailing concerns.

Andy Macdonald of MI Architects was excited by the idea of “colonizing underutilized roof space.”
Projects | Andy Macdonald | 15 Jan 2019

First House: Challis Penthouse

As one of his first projects, Andy Macdonald of MI Architects was given the opportunity to explore his interest in “colonizing underutilized roof space.” Eighteen years later, Andy reflects on this apartment design and its influence on his practice’s subsequent work.

The project grew into a full masterplan that included future business plans for becoming makers of goats’ cheese.
Projects | Justin Noxon | 5 Sep 2017

First House: Main Ridge Farmhouse

Designed while he was living in London, Justin Noxon’s first house was for his brother and sister-in-law as stage one of a masterplan for Main Ridge Dairy. Now, fourteen years later, Justin reflects on this project and the lessons it taught him.

Pre-weathered copper cladding hovers above the ground and defines the extension as a “placed object.”
Projects | Paul Porjazoski | 22 May 2017

First house: Bent Robe by Bent Architecture

A modest extension for his in-laws provided Paul Porjazoski of Bent Architecture with a springboard from which to launch his practice.

The house is “a bit like a castle, a bit like a resort, and it’s trying to have polite conversation with Hamilton.”
Projects | Michael Banney | 1 Mar 2017

First House: Hamilton House by M3architecture

Responding to a brief that included the request, “I don’t want to be an architectural victim,” Michael Banney and Michael Christensen used a healthy mix of self-doubt, excitement and earnestness to create Hamilton House, one of their first projects.

The timber-clad home frames spectacular views of Merimbula.
Projects | Clinton Murray | 4 Jan 2017

To the letter: Merimbula House

Architect Clinton Murray’s first residential commission all started with a handwritten letter from Europe.

The “sparse, airy and raw” interior is animated by rays of light that mark the passage of time.
Projects | Albert Mo | 16 Nov 2016

First House: Kelso House

Architects EAT co-director Albert Mo reflects on the practice’s first residential project, which transformed a rundown house that “no-one wanted.”

Although the house is small in footprint, the double-height space and connection between levels make it feel larger.
Projects | Neil Durbach | 18 Feb 2016

First House: Durbach Block Jaggers

A mix of innocence, ignorance and enthusiasm comes with starting a new practice. This Sydney house is an early exploration of Neil Durbach’s obsessions and interests as an architect. Twenty-four years after designing it, Neil reflects on his first experience of working independently.

A timber deck steps down towards the river, extending the house into the landscape.
Projects | Sally Draper | 2 Feb 2016

First House: Seymour House

Sally Draper reflects on how one of her first project was an exploration of a home’s relationship to discipline and dreams.

The main living area of the Park Street House is located at the rear of the ground floor.
Projects | Annick Houle | 9 Jul 2015

First House: O’Connor & Houle

Annick Houle of O’Connor & Houle Architecture + Environments reflects on how her practice’s first project became a fertile testing ground for ideas.

Dulwich Hill House by Nobbs Radford Architects.
Projects | Alison Nobbs | 21 May 2015

First House: Nobbs Radford

Alison Nobbs of Nobbs Radford Architects reflects on their first completed project, the Dulwich Hill House.

The design is specific to the harsh microclimate of the hilltop, weighing panoramic views against privacy for daily living.
Projects | Daniel Lane | 13 Apr 2015

First house: Preston Lane

Preston Lane Architects’ Daniel Lane revisits Bonnet Hill House, the practice’s first project from 2004.

The Milis Salem House is the product of a simple idea – the division of private and public spaces into upper and lower volumes respectively.
Projects | Matt Chan | 5 Feb 2015

First House: Scale Architecture

Scale Architecture’s Matt Chan revisits Milis Salem House, the practice’s first project from 2001.

The original Art Deco cottage was respectfully added to, contributing to a new chapter of the history of Brisbane.
Projects | Paul Owen | 6 Oct 2014

First House: Owen and Vokes and Peters

Owen and Vokes and Peters revisits Newmarket House, the practice’s first project from 2003.

The living room on the third floor enjoys views of Sydney Harbour through the treetops. Artwork: Hannah Hall.
Projects | Shaun Carter | 17 Jun 2014

First House: Carterwilliamson Architects

Carterwilliamson Architects revisits Punch Street House, the practice’s first project.

The interlocking nature of the extension is derived from the concept of the Victorian love seat.
Projects | Simon Knott | 4 Apr 2014

First House: BKK Architects

BKK Architects revisits 2-Parts House, the practice’s first project from 2003.

Several large trees on the site determined the footprint of Treehouse.
Projects | Fiona Dunin | 1 Apr 2014

First House: FMD Architects

FMD Architects revisits Treehouse, the practice’s first project.

Decks make the most of the views and provide shelter or sunlight at different times.
Projects | Cath Hall | 14 Nov 2013

First House: 1+2 Architecture

1+2 Architecture revisits Walla Womba Guest House, the practice’s first project from 2004.

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