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Indicative design of the Burwood Bricks rooftop farm and restaurant.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 16 Feb 2018

“World’s most sustainable” shopping centre to feature 2,000-square-metre rooftop farm

Sustainable designer Joost Bakker says an urban farm atop a new shopping centre in suburban Melbourne will “truly support a sustainable world.”

The proposed station at Parkville, designed by a consortium of Hassell and Weston Williamson and Partners.
News | Patrick Hunn | 13 Oct 2017

Could the grass be greener above the Melbourne Metro Tunnel?

Melbourne’s underground rail project also contains a plan to actively improve, increase and preserve Melbourne’s inner-city “living infrastructure.”

Aerial view of Centennial Park, Sydney.
News | Linda Cheng | 16 Feb 2016

AILA mobilizes force to advise federal cities policy

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has formed an alliance that will advise the Australian government on cities policy.

City of Melbourne wants green roofs and solar arrays on rooftops, but without any policies in place, will they get their wish?
News | Linda Cheng | 16 Dec 2015

City of Melbourne wants green roofs, but will they get their wish?

A City of Melbourne project to encourage green and solar roofs has been met with scepticism by some.

Lush, tropical vegetation is fast enveloping the steel arbour in the Secret Garden.
Projects | Catherin Bull | 19 Aug 2015

Lady Cilento Hospital landscapes

For Brisbane’s new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Conrad Gargett created an impressive suite of rooftop gardens full of drama and novelty.

A University of Melbourne Study finds glancing at a green roof, even for a short time, can markedly boost concentration. The Burnley Living Roofs at the University of Melbourne by Hassell received a design award at the 2014 Victorian Architecture Awards.
News | Linda Cheng and Editorial Desk AAU | 12 Jun 2015

Green roofs boost concentration, study finds

A University of Melbourne study has shown that glancing at a grassy green roof can markedly boost concentration.