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Jade Vidal, Anna Dutton and Chema Bould of Bower Architecture.
People | Marcus Baumgart | 10 Oct 2017

Revealed rather than crafted: The houses of Bower Architecture

Over the last ten years, Bower Architecture has carefully refined its collection of signature elements and spatial techniques to create houses with “completeness and specificity about them.”

Profile: Phorm Architecture + Design
People | Margie Fraser | 19 May 2017

Profile: Phorm Architecture + Design

With an appreciation of vastness, infinite variety and our temporary occupation of land, each residential project by Phorm Architecture and Design has a deep connection to its site.

Eva-Marie Prineas of Architect Prineas.
People | Genevieve Lilley | 8 Mar 2017

Generosity and authenticity: The houses of Architect Prineas

With a solid technical grounding and a “brilliant nuance in mixing old and new,” Eva-Marie Prineas creates generous and pertinent projects with authenticity.

Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards in the Edwards Moore studio.
People | Mark Scruby | 8 Feb 2017

Three-dimensional craft: Edwards Moore

A look at the recent built projects of Melbourne studio Edwards Moore reveals a delightful body of work underpinned by conceptual rigour, spatial complexity and a “cheeky tilt.”

Alison Nobbs and Sean Radford of Nobbs Radford Architects.
People | Genevieve Lilley | 31 Oct 2016

Profile: Nobbs Radford Architects

Skilled in unravelling complex issues, Nobbs Radford Architects creates homes that explore raw materials, bold forms and new ideas.

Looking at the extension of Jenny’s House from the garden, the roof appears as “a thin plate resting lightly on tiled bookends.”
People | Judith Abell | 6 Oct 2016

Profile: Rosevear Stephenson Architects

Rosevear Stephenson Architects carefully stitches together the qualities of the site and the desires of the client to create honest and elemental houses.

Matt Gibson and his team in the practice’s Collingwood studio.
People | Marcus Baumgart | 21 Sep 2016

Profile: Matt Gibson

The thoughtful body of residential work by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design demonstrates an enthusiastic and rigorous approach to the dualism inherent in many projects.

In collaboration: The houses of 1+2 Architecture
People | Judith Abell | 19 Oct 2015

In collaboration: The houses of 1+2 Architecture

The residential work by 1+2 Architecture is honest, clever and spatially rich.

Explorations of restraint and celebration: Tobias Partners
People | Genevieve Lilley | 24 Aug 2015

Explorations of restraint and celebration: Tobias Partners

The residential work of Tobias Partners are varied explorations of a consistent philosophy.

Nuances of living: The houses of Clare Cousins Architects
People | Mark Scruby | 17 Aug 2015

Nuances of living: The houses of Clare Cousins Architects

The ideas behind the residential work of Clare Cousins Architects are finely attuned to the how people want to live.

Kerstin Thompson: “it’s about how people live”
People | Justine Clark | 5 Jun 2013

Kerstin Thompson: “it’s about how people live”

The highly awarded houses of Kerstin Thompson Architects age well, and are better for being filled with everyday stuff.

Mosman residence (2006): A clear expression of old and new.
People | John de Manincor | 1 Dec 2010

Profile: Melocco & Moore

The suite of residential projects by Melocco and Moore demonstrates clean planning and clever solutions.

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