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House in Country NSW by Virginia Kerridge Architect. Australian House of the Year 2011.
Review | Marcus Baumgart | 24 Feb 2020

A decade of Australian residential architecture

Marcus Baumgart reflects on the past decade of Australian House of the Year winners from the Houses Awards, offering an insight into the changing nature of how we live.

Invisible House by Peter Stutchbury Architecture.
Review | Editorial Desk AAU | 28 Dec 2018

Architecture for rent

From modernist masterpieces to contemporary compact living, ArchitectureAU rounds up five award-winning and exemplary homes for the holidays.

A feeling of spatial lightness pervades the experience of the house from within.
Projects | Alice Hampson and Jason Haigh | 10 Apr 2018

Revisited: Fulcher Residence

Balancing a sense of solidity with a contrasting spatial lightness, this 1960s house is indicative of the enduring relevance of architect Peter Heathwood.

The restrained material palette does not mimic or compete with the existing cottage, instead complementing it.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 6 Apr 2018

Natural ease: Tanner House

Demonstrating that history doesn’t have to be erased to create a contemporary home, this thoughtful extension to a heritage house offers both drama and intimacy.

Houses 121. Cover project: North Melbourne Terrace by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 27 Mar 2018

Houses 121 preview

Introduction to Houses 121.

The extension’s modern singular form contrasts with the horizontality of the existing house.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 20 Feb 2018

Stealthy sophistication: House Pranayama

With clarity of purpose and compelling spatial planning, this narrow three-level addition to a circa 1920s abode by Architect Prineas provides extra space for family life.

The kitchen and living area extend into the garden, making the most of the northern light.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 1 Feb 2018

Utterly unpretentious: Marrickville House

This efficient and effective extension by MI Architects makes the most of a fast-track approval process, unpretentious materials and a simple form to meet the clients’ brief and budget.

A real character: Avery Green
Projects | Fleur Watson | 31 Jan 2018

A real character: Avery Green

Through the intimate reimagining of a small terrace house in Melbourne, Onomatopoeia explores the notion of personhood in architecture – the transformation of Avery Green being guided by “her” character and history.

Houses 120.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 19 Jan 2018

Houses 120 preview

Introduction to Houses 120.

Circular windows, arched doorways and a spiral staircase contrast with the box-like form of the building.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 10 Jan 2018

Garden sculpture: Brickface

A backyard building in Melbourne designed by Austin Maynard revitalizes the rear of a property and a suburban laneway.

Mulconda by Hrmphrdt.
Projects | Leon van Schaik | 8 Jan 2018

‘A radical excision’: Mulconda

A classically elegant homestead in the Hunter Valley has been transformed with bubbling and inventive playfulness by the architects of Hrmphrdt.

Bardon House by Bureau Proberts.
Review | Editorial Desk AAU | 27 Dec 2017

Back to nature: Most popular houses of 2017

The top five most popular houses published on ArchitectureAU in 2017 are deeply concerned with their place in the Australian landscape.

Houses 119.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 21 Nov 2017

Houses 119 preview

Introduction to Houses 119.

The cypress pine cladding was chosen because it will weather and age naturally.
Projects | Rachael Bernstone | 12 Oct 2017

Inclusiveness and community: Backhouse

A compact and sustainable house by Coda Studio that prioritizes connection to family and community encapsulates the progressive ideals of the architects who call it home.

Houses 118.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 26 Sep 2017

Houses 118 preview

Introduction to Houses 118.

A new staircase in a central atrium marks the transition from old to new in a robust palette of concrete, recycled timber, steel and glass. Artwork: Maricou, Silver Mare.
Projects | Peter Salhani | 12 Sep 2017

A harmonious weave: Balmain Semi

Weaving elements of the old building fabric in with the new, in some places overtly and in others organically, gives Balmain Semi by CO-AP and Nick Bell Architects a feeling of harmony.

Small in scale but big in ideas, A Small Exhibition documents twenty projects by twenty architecture studios (many emerging) that raise just as many questions as answers.
Review | Heidi Dokulil | 6 Sep 2017

A Small Exhibition: How scaling down can offer more joyful ways of living

Curated by Anita Panov and Andrew Scott of Panovscott, A Small Exhibition, currently on show at the Tin Sheds Gallery at The University of Sydney, asks us to question how much space we really need to live comfortably.

The project grew into a full masterplan that included future business plans for becoming makers of goats’ cheese.
Projects | Justin Noxon | 5 Sep 2017

First House: Main Ridge Farmhouse

Designed while he was living in London, Justin Noxon’s first house was for his brother and sister-in-law as stage one of a masterplan for Main Ridge Dairy. Now, fourteen years later, Justin reflects on this project and the lessons it taught him.

Since 2004 the fire station has been used as a private residence. The current owners engaged Owen Architecture to improve the “cramped and disconnected” spaces and circulation.
Projects | Alice Hampson | 1 Sep 2017

From ‘hose to house’: Bayside Fire Station

The restoration of a former fire station in Brisbane by Owen Architecture reimagines a unique typology as a comfortable family home, achieved with a design strategy that was “deliberately singular.”

The original bright colours of the house have been painted over, first in deep red, and then in white and black, as it appears now.
Projects | David Clark | 30 Aug 2017

Revisited: Jersey House by Peter Stronach

This home, completed in 1987 by Peter Stronach for a Sydney advertising executive, has lost its original bold external colour, but it has retained its design flair and spatial drama.

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