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Render of Baugruppen at WGV, Perth. A “live project,” it will allow the design and construction of apartments to be initiated by buyers – a participatory process that is unprecedented in the Australian marketplace.
Discussion | Jennie Officer | 19 Jun 2018

Australia’s First Baugruppe

Geoffrey London speaks to Jennie Officer about Baugruppen at WGV, discussing the potential of the Baugruppen process to adapt to the Australian context.

Envi Micro Urban Village by Degenhart Shedd.
News | Linda Cheng | 21 Feb 2018

Tiny terrace houses on smallest freehold lots underway

Could tiny land sizes be a solution to housing density and affordability woes? One Gold Coast development could prove to be a case study.

What from the outside looks like a single detached house is actually three apartments.
Projects | Linda Cheng | 23 Aug 2017

Affordability by design: Gen Y Demonstration Housing

Emblematic of a generational shift in thinking about housing, this development of three apartments by David Barr Architects is an example of affordability by design.

Baugruppen project at WGV at White Gum Valley designed by Spaceagency Architects.
News | Linda Cheng | 18 Aug 2017

‘Any apartment, anywhere’: Innovative cooperative housing project proposes ‘stacked homes’

A cooperative housing development designed by Spaceagency Architects proposes “stacked homes with no common walls.”

The federal government outlined a "comprehensive plan to address housing affordability" in its 2017-18 budget.
News | Linda Cheng | 22 May 2017

‘Good intentions’ or ‘cruel hoax’? Budget 2017’s housing affordability plan draws vexed reactions

The federal government’s “comprehensive plan to address housing affordability” has been cautiously welcomed by some and left others unconvinced.

Richmond Townhouses in Melbourne by Rossetti Architects (winner of the Institute’s Robin Boyd Award for Housing, 1995).
Discussion | Andrea Sharam | 17 May 2017

Could deliberative, architect-led housing boost affordability?

Andrea Sharam looks at the “deliberative” development model and the financial barriers that can prevent it from flourishing, sharing architect-designed Australian examples spanning three decades.

Suburban growth in Brisbane.
Discussion | Jason Twill | 16 May 2017

From ‘white flight’ to ‘bright flight’ – the looming risk for our growing cities

The pressure on housing in Australia’s cities shows no sign of easing. Could we soon see a mass ‘flight’ from our biggest cities to secondary cities?

Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project by David Barr Architect.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 9 May 2017

Housing affordability in focus: What can architects do?

Ahead of the 2017 federal budget, which is expected to contain measure to improve housing affordability, ArchitectureAU looks beyond the fiscal policy debates and asks what can architects do?

BIGyard Zelterstraße 5 by Zanderroth Architekten. The architecturally innovative and environmentally efficient Baugruppen collective housing model has the intent of building housing but eliminates the developer in order to keep costs significantly down.
News | Linda Cheng | 14 Nov 2016

German cooperative housing model takes root in WA

Two projects in Western Australia could see the German Baugruppen model of cooperative housing introduced in the state.

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