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Archive | James Birrell | 1 Jul 2005


Birrell on Sulman

Letters and Fixes
Archive | 1 Jan 2001

Letters and Fixes

“There are some avaricious architects, but there are many more unprincipled developers who will milk the system to the full.” - John Duncan.

Archive | 1 Jan 1999


“The architecture profession was never intended to serve the needs of the masses” —Sababu Kaitilla, Queensland. Architects Always ElitistDuring the A.S. Hook address at the …

Archive | 1 May 1998


Backless Bag LunchesThe forecourt of Chifley Square is described (AA Mar/Apr 98) as “a realm for public relaxation”. In the café perhaps, but certainly not …

Archive | 1 May 1996


Storey Hall Omission I am writing with reference to the Storey Hall article in the January/February edition of Architecture Australia, in which artwork of mine …

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