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The San Selmo Smoked collection.
Product | 19 Oct 2017

Italian-made bricks for Australian conditions

Drawing on its European heritage, the San Selmo brick range from Austral Bricks offers three new collections to the Australian market.

H1 hardwood in the Re-Newell House.
Discussion | 19 Jan 2015

Material Palette: Charles Wright Architects

Charles Wright Architects responds to the cyclonic conditions of Far North Queensland when selecting materials.

Oiled timber adds warmth and texture to the Samford House, while offering durability.
Discussion | 9 Jul 2014

Material palette: Bligh Graham Architects

The residential work of Bligh Graham Architects uses natural materials in a purposeful way.

Recycled bricks and timber in the Lilyfield Warehouse.
Discussion | 11 Mar 2014

Material palette: Virginia Kerridge Architect

Materials and finishes, often recycled, gives an expressive quality to the spaces created.

Clouds of Venice installation, Venice, 2012 by Supermanoeuvre.
Discussion | John de Manincor | 30 Oct 2013

Material thinking

John de Manincor talks with David Pigram, Iain Maxwell and James Gardiner about material technology and use.

Glass Farm by MVRDV.
Discussion | Sean Anderson | 30 Oct 2013

Image material

In architecture, interrogations of authenticity have become part of a broader debate on cutting-edge materials, writes Sean Anderson.

Hylozoic Ground by Rachel Armstrong, Philip Beesley and Rob Gorbet.
Discussion | Jennifer Ferng | 16 Sep 2013

Biomaterials and modes of praxis

Are so-called “biomaterials” redefining how architects engage with biological systems?

O Series timber door knobs.
Discussion | 13 Sep 2013

Material palette: Sam Crawford Architects

Tactile materials in the houses by Sam Crawford Architects are integral to its body of work.

Gramazio & Kohler’s (Switzerland) projects combine the physics of built architecture with digital logics.

Material future

Dr Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, co-convenor of the 2013 national conference, urges architects to experiment with new materials.

Besser blocks in Big Hill House by Kerstin Thompson Architects.
Discussion | 5 Jun 2013

Material Palette: Kerstin Thompson

Crafted intelligently from straightforward materials, houses by Kerstin Thompson Architects are robust spaces for living in.

Regularity and strangeness
Discussion | Laura Harding | 25 Mar 2013

Regularity and strangeness

Laura Harding muses on regularity and strangeness in the urban built environment.

The Whale Beach House has black timber stained walls.
Discussion | 21 Jan 2013

Material palette: Popov Bass Architects

The material approach of Sydney practice Popov Bass Architects.

Discarded books live anew as a wall in Deakin Waurn Ponds Library by Six Degrees Architects.
Discussion | Darragh O'Brien | 19 Dec 2012

When time is immaterial

The adaptive reuse of materials allows for the retrieval of lost spaces in the creation of new ones.

Enzie spiral staircase at Hill House.
Discussion | 30 Oct 2012

Material palette: Andrew Maynard Architects

Products, textures and finishes chosen by Andrew Maynard Architects to help bring imaginative ideas to life.

Walls at the Point Piper Boathouse are Isernia and Aretusa sandblasted stone.
Discussion | 1 Aug 2012

Material palette: Andrew Burges Architecture

Combinations of stone, timber and concrete define the work of this practice.

Enzie spiral staircase.
Product | 21 Jun 2012

Stairs – materials and construction

We look at products for creating stunning stairs, and one standout staircase.

Eco by Cosentino in Crystal Ash.
Product | 19 Jun 2012

New colours in Eco by Cosentino range

The Cosentino Group has used social media to select new colours to add to its Eco range.

Hoop pine plywood.
Discussion | 8 Jun 2012

Material palette: Riddel Architecture

Riddel Architecture’s preferred materials and finishes.

Insulated precast concrete
Discussion | 10 Apr 2012

Material palette: De Campo Architects

de Campo Architects favourite materials and textures.

Bocci light.
Discussion | 25 Jan 2012

Material palette: Fox Johnston

Fox Johnston chooses materials, products and textures that complement the intricacies of each individual project.

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