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A newly funded major research project will investigate the effects of architectural work culture on the wellbeing of practitioners and students.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 28 May 2020

Mental health in architecture research project receives funding

A newly funded major research project, led by Naomi Stead, will investigate the effects of architectural work culture on the wellbeing of practitioners and students.

At the summit.
Discussion | Michael Gay | 8 Oct 2019

Resilience in architecture

Architecture is a profession struggling to achieve balance and equity, and it can take a toll on all of us. Michael Gay gives advice on how to maintain balance and build resilience.

Crossing the street: a routinely paralysing experience for the author.
Discussion | Kerwin Datu | 7 Oct 2019

‘There are more of us than you may realise’: Severe mental illness in the workplace

Architect Kerwin Datu shares how his experience with a mental illness in the workplace has changed for the better since embarking “upon a … long-term process of trust-building and communication.”

Catriona Li Bisset.
Discussion | Catriona Li Bisset | 16 Oct 2018

Opportunity and autonomy: mental wellbeing in architecture

The need to meaningfully engage with mental health in architecture is clear, but what can we do? One possibility is to enhance student and practitioner autonomy by applying our skills to non-traditional problems.

Carrie Lu.
Discussion | Carrie Lu | 24 Aug 2018

Take a break: Beyond the design studio

Carrie Lu draws on her personal experience as an architecture student to make the case for taking a break.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital by Architectus and HDR Rice Daubney.
Discussion | Stefano Scalzo | 24 Apr 2017

Bill of health: Reflections on contemporary healthcare design

How are demographic shifts and technological changes affecting the design of healthcare facilities? Stefano Scalzo considers the evolution of healthcare design.

Staff and students share morning tea together in the University of Queensland's School of Architecture, recently renovated by m3architecture.

Stress test: Addressing mental illness at architecture school

A recent survey uncovered worryingly high rates of mental illness among architecture students. Is student life being eroded? And is our professional workaholic culture part of the problem?

Research indicates that students in humanities, art and design are significantly more likely to have mental health problems, although law students experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than students in other disciplines.
Discussion | Timothy Horton | 8 Sep 2016

Managing mental health

Is there a correlation between mental health issues and architecture practice? New research discusses how the profession might better support its members through periods of mental illness.