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The facade is designed to generate a sense of visual movement and energy for motorists and pedestrians, and is based on the mapping of movement within urban environments.
Product | 12 Oct 2015

Brisbane’s Legacy Way enlivened by facade

Brisbane City Council, UAP Factory and others led the installation of a large linear facade on Brisbane’s Legacy Way.

The pieces are made using a unique rotational moulding technique that allows for a versatile range of organic forms, colours and textures to be be created.
Product | 10 Sep 2015

AND sculptural pieces by Vondom

The AND Modulo Bajo and Modulo Alto furniture pieces are made using a unique rotational moulding technique.

The Ephemeralist by Popp (Public Outdoor Ping Pong).
Product | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 3 Nov 2014

Editor’s choice: Outdoor play

Five of the best outdoor play products selected by Landscape Architecture Australia assistant editor, Ricky Ray Ricardo.

Bookleaf walling from Urbanstone’s global stone series.
Product | 4 Jan 2013

Great outdoors

Outdoor furniture and materials from Houses 88.

We-ef’s FLC100 LED projector, fixed.
Product | 12 Sep 2012

Precision exterior lighting by We-ef

New LED projectors and accessories for precision exterior lighting.

Wintons Teak bench.
Product | 12 Sep 2012

Design matter

Landscape elements from Landscape Architecture Australia 129.

Asta outdoor seating.
Product | 15 Aug 2012

Landscape elements

Products from Landscape Architecture Australia 134.

Ronstan greening systems.
Product | 28 Jul 2012

Landscape elements

Featured in Landscape Architecture Australia issue 133.

Flow by Dario Antonioni has maximum surface area while creating a functional, strong and modular system of nestable geometrics.
Product | 26 Jun 2012

Botanist benches and side tables

Baresque Studio Collection has launched Botanist – a range of benches and side tables by world-renowned designers.

Button baskets.
Product | 12 Jun 2012

Home comforts

A collection of home products from Houses 85.

The Eames Aluminium Group Outdoor collection.
Product | 28 May 2012

Herman Miller outdoor collection

An outdoor furniture collection using designs by Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson.

Marine Buoy hanging chair by Deck.
Product | 7 May 2012

Marine Buoy hanging chair

Part of the casual and stylish outdoor lifestyle range of hard and soft furnishings and bags by Newport beach brand Deck.

Good One range.
Product | 13 Apr 2012

Design matter – landscape products

Landscape products from Landscape Architecture Australia.

Product | 19 Jan 2012

Design matter

Design products from Landscape Architecture Australia.

Mirthe Sofa.
Product | 13 Jan 2012

Outdoor products from Houses 82

The latest furniture, materials and products for the enjoyment of outdoor living.

The Mystral round table.
Product | 9 Jan 2012

Round table added to Mystral collection

The Mystral collection of outdoor furniture by Tribu now includes a round table.

The WE-EF ETT100.
Product | 23 Nov 2011

WE-EF’s ETT100 linear in-ground uplight

ETT100 provides greater design flexibility due to its durability and low power rating, compared to fluorescent alternatives.

Intergrain Nature's Timber Oil.
Product | 14 Nov 2011

Intergrain’s improved exterior coatings

Australian timber finishes brand Intergrain has released improved exterior timber coatings.

Florinda pendant lights.
Product | 17 Oct 2011

Design products: Editor’s pick

Artichoke editor Penny Craswell lists her favourite products.

Bongo & Otto.
Product | 12 Oct 2011

The latest products from Houses magazine

The Houses editor’s favourite round products.