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The proposed playground at Cook and Phillip Park in the Sydney CBD designed by Aspect Studios and Aileen Sage Architects.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 19 Feb 2019

Aspect and Aileen Sage design playground in Sydney CBD

Aspect Studios and Aileen Sage Architects have designed a proposal for a new playground at Cook and Phillip Park in Sydney.

Tubular steel spells out climbable words linked to flour milling: wheat, flour, blend and purify.
Projects | Jo Russell-Clarke | 7 May 2015

Writing history: Harts Mill Surrounds

A playspace by Aspect Studios at a historic mill leads the revitalization of Port Adelaide’s post-industrial waterfront.

Located on the former Royal Children’s Hospital site, the new park and playspace has injected fresh life into Royal Park.
Projects | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 30 Apr 2015

Seasoned players: Return to Royal Park

A new park in Melbourne brings landscape back into playtime.

Playground Ideas’ first playground in Chiang Dao, Thailand.
Review | Vanessa Murray | 6 Feb 2013

Playground Ideas

Marcus Veerman’s not-for-profit organization Playground Ideas is helping build playgrounds in developing countries.

Calamvale District Park by Brisbane City Council.
Discourse | Emma Sheppard-Simms | 29 Jan 2013

The evolution of playspaces

Contemporary play projects across Australia.

A semicircular swing set parallels the nearby grass mound.
Projects | Linda Corkery | 24 Oct 2012

Blaxland Riverside Playground

JMD Design creates an invigorating playground at Sydney Olympic Park with moulded terrain and supersized equipment.

A water wheel allows kids to control the routing of water.
Projects | Marianna Preston | 11 Oct 2012

Darling Quarter playground

Sydney’s award-winning Darling Quarter playground by Aspect Studios.

Good One range.
Product | 13 Apr 2012

Design matter – landscape products

Landscape products from Landscape Architecture Australia.

Children are invited to interact directly with the inherent tones and textures of a simple set of natural and naturalistic materials.
Report | Sheona Thomson | 11 Jan 2012

Tall Tree Park

This children’s playground within a small park in Noosa heads is A landscape of challenge and discovery.

Children should be encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves.
Discourse | David Edger | 1 Feb 2010

Inclusive Play

By designing children’s play spaces with inclusive risk in mind landscape architects can play a role in childhood development.

The all-access carousel has seats and wheelchair clips and is set level with the ground for ease of access.
Discourse | Tempe MacGowan | 1 Feb 2010

Livvi’s Place

This new playground in Sydney is designed for children with differing physical and neurological abilities.

Four mounds that Play multiple roles have been placed onto the flat ground plane.
Projects | Tempe MacGowan | 1 Feb 2010

Sydney Park Playground

The Comfortably Chaotic character of this playground works within the overall context of a rolling parkland.

A playground by artist Fiona Foley and Urban Art Projects within the Redfern Park Upgrade by Spackman Mossop Michaels with BVN and the City of Sydney.
Discourse | Fiona Robbé | 1 Feb 2010

Public Play

The public realm can provide a setting for play, one of the defining aspects of childhood. it is important That children and young people have a voice in its development.

A waterplay playground by artist Fiona Foley and Urban Art Projects within the Redfern Park
Upgrade by Spackman Mossop Michaels with
BVN and the City of Sydney.
Discourse | Kate Luckraft | 1 Feb 2010

Water Play

Landscape architects and play space providers can enrich public space through the design of water play experiences.

Skinners playground
Archive | Alex Selenitsch | 1 May 2008

Skinners playground

Dealing with the stuff around us. PHOOEY Architects’ Children’s Activity Centre uses the idea of embodied energy to rethink ‘material’ and ‘craft’.