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Szencorp’s 40 Albert Road after completion.
Discussion | Amelia Borg | 1 Sep 2011

The Ambience

Amelia Borg reflects on the possibility of a sentient building that can evaluate itself.

Library users connect in a common space.
Discussion | Sheona Thomson | 1 Sep 2011

State Library Queensland

Sheona Thomson writes about the transformation of a public institution in relation to a study on post-occupancy.

The 2010 Award, Supreme Court Complex in Hobart, Department of Public Works/Peter Partridge.
Discussion | Philip Goad | 1 Sep 2011

The 25 Year Award

Philip Goad casts light on an award that honours the past in relation to a study on post-occupancy.

VS1/SA Water by Hassell.
Discussion | 30 Aug 2011

A dossier on post-occupancy evaluation

An introduction to a set of articles about post-occupancy evaluation published in September 2011 in Architecture Australia.

VS1/SA Water by Hassell.
Discussion | Melinda Dodson | 30 Aug 2011

Post Post Occupancy

Melinda Dodson overviews the professional shift towards Building Performance Evaluation with two case studies.

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