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FAU-USP features a vast atrium illuminated from above through a sublime textile of interlocking concrete elements.
The World | Marnie Morieson | 7 Jan 2019

Politics and brutalism in Brazil

Marnie Morieson visits some of São Paulo’s best-known examples of radical brutalism and ruminates on the role architecture can play in fostering a fairer, more equal society.

Virginia admires the detail in the translucent modulated ceiling of Frank Lloyd Wright's V.C. Morris Gift Store.
The World | Virginia Waller | 3 Jan 2019

The streets of San Francisco

In this postcard from San Francisco, Sydney architect Virginia Waller reflects on the “heroic modernism” of the city’s striking cathedral, the towering Transamerica pyramid and a famous gift store designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

URBN DRY DOCK NO. 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2009). As part of a former Navy yard revitalisation, DIRT Studio expanded retailer Urban Outfitters' Philadelphia campus around a submerged historic dry dock to create public parks and promenades.
The World | Jillian Walliss | 25 May 2017

The Navy Yard, Philadelphia

Jillian Walliss visits Philadelphia’s 1,200-acre urban development that is committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.

The Mojave Rock Ranch, just north of Joshua Tree National Park in the USA, is the project of Troy Williams and Gino Dreese, landscape architects and garden builders.

Mojave Rock Ranch: An arid zone jewel

Michael Wright and Catherine Rush visit a spectacular high-altitude, dry-climate garden in the south-west of the USA.

A street view of Rocinha, an informal settlement in Rio de Janeiro and one of four visited as part of the Weaving the Urban Fabric study tour.
The World | Abel Feleke | 7 Feb 2017

Weaving the Urban Fabric: postcard from Rio

How can an understanding of the strong social connections forged in informal slum settlements shape future architectural interventions? Abel Feleke reports from Rio de Janeiro.

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