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Peggy Deamer, founder of The Architecture Lobby.
People | Josh Harris | 6 Mar 2020

Architects are workers: The Architecture Lobby’s Peggy Deamer

Architect and Yale professor Peggy Deamer wants us to see architecture as work, and architects as workers.

Architectus, Australia's biggest practice on the WA100, was recently appointed to design a new $180 million medical research building for Flinders University in Adelaide.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 9 Jan 2020

Australia’s biggest practices shed staff, echoing global shrinkage

The World Architecture 100 ranks some of the world’s biggest practices by number of architects employed and revenue.

Architects should collectively bargain for minimum fee rates, says Shaun Carter.
Practice | Shaun Carter | 13 Jun 2018

Fee MAD-ness (mutually assured destruction): an existential crisis

Architects are practising in an environment of outrageously low fees and cutthroat fee gazumping. Shaun Carter asks in this boom time why have architects managed to slash their fees in a desperate race to the bottom?

Day one of the DAPr Symposium at the Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University.
Review | Nicholas Skepper | 19 Sep 2017

‘How do you do?’: The value of practice-based research

Nicholas Skepper reviews the 2017 Practice in Research/Research in Practice symposium in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

NSWARB hands out largest-ever fine for architect's ‘unsatisfactory professional conduct’
News | Linda Cheng | 30 Jun 2017

NSWARB hands out largest-ever fine for architect’s ‘unsatisfactory professional conduct’

The case of an architect fined and suspended for “serious and sustained” breaches of the professional code of conduct suggests a more widespread practice of non-compliance.

Wowowa's Kalora Park Football Club Extension is currently under construction.
Practice | Linda Cheng | 25 May 2017

Podcast puts Australian architecture’s next generation in the spotlight

A new podcast series explores the hurdles and triumphs emerging architects experience as they embark on establishing their own practices.

Long hours: Go hard or go home!
Practice | Lee Hillam | 18 Apr 2017

Long hours: Go hard or go home!

Lee Hillam reflects on the long-hours culture in architecture and asks: What is the real cost of this exploitative practice?

Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards in the Edwards Moore studio.
People | Mark Scruby | 8 Feb 2017

Three-dimensional craft: Edwards Moore

A look at the recent built projects of Melbourne studio Edwards Moore reveals a delightful body of work underpinned by conceptual rigour, spatial complexity and a “cheeky tilt.”

Looking at the extension of Jenny’s House from the garden, the roof appears as “a thin plate resting lightly on tiled bookends.”
People | Judith Abell | 6 Oct 2016

Profile: Rosevear Stephenson Architects

Rosevear Stephenson Architects carefully stitches together the qualities of the site and the desires of the client to create honest and elemental houses.

Cutaway view of the Mausoleum of Hadrian and the Elio Bridge St. Angel (The Roman Antiquities, Book 4, Plate VIII, 1756).
Discourse | Paolo Tombesi | 2 Feb 2015

The responsibility of designing

If architecture is to have any real impact beyond its disciplinary boundaries, then our definition of those boundaries must change, argues Paolo Tombesi.

2013 Gold Medal: Discriminating shapes
People | Sir Peter Cook | 22 May 2013

2013 Gold Medal: Discriminating shapes

Sir Peter Cook on 2013 Gold Medallist Peter Wilson’s work, and aptitude for invention.

iDesign: The evolution of the designer
Practice | Oliver Kratzer | 8 May 2013

iDesign: The evolution of the designer

Oliver Kratzer’s introduction to Artichoke 41 (December 2012).

Felix (from left): Craig McCormack, Rene van Meeuwen, Matt Delroy-Carr.
People | Ray Edgar | 11 Apr 2013

Profile: Felix

For the directors of multidisciplinary Perth practice Felix, innovation is everything.

From left: Huw Turner and Penny Collins.
People | Maitiú Ward | 8 Apr 2013

Profile: Collins and Turner Architects

Maitiú Ward profiles the body of work by Huw Turner and Penny Collins.

Regularity and strangeness
Practice | Laura Harding | 25 Mar 2013

Regularity and strangeness

Laura Harding muses on regularity and strangeness in the urban built environment.

Gender salary gap not so great
News | Shelley Penn | 13 Feb 2013

Gender salary gap not so great

AIA national president Shelly Penn’s follow-up to the debate on gender disparity in graduate architect salaries.

The gender gap in graduate salaries
News | 15 Jan 2013

The gender gap in graduate salaries

Answering some of the questions raised by the recent WGEA GradStats report.

The living room, between verandah and courtyard, is cross-ventilated and naturally lit. Operable clerestory windows expel the hot air.
Projects | Tone Wheeler and Jan O'Connor | 8 Jan 2013

Sustainable Courtyard House

A case study in sustainable design and sustainable living: Environa Studio’s Courtyard House.

Aneeta windows in the Albury Residence.
Practice | 3 Jan 2013

Material palette: David Boyle Architect

A shed-shack material sensibility with a craftsman’s eye for detail.

Advanced Engineering Building, University of Queensland under construction. Joint venture between Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell.
People | Ray Edgar | 1 Jan 2013

Mark Loughnan & Jad Silvester

After working internationally, two Australian architects find a home at Hassell.

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