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Supershared created by Jacqui Alexander and Sibling Architecture. The project was included in the Occupied exhibition, curated by David Neustein, Grace Mortlock and Fleur Watson.
Discourse | Jacqui Alexander | 4 Oct 2016

Commodifying the sharing economy

Online platforms such as Airbnb have facilitated public access to privately owned space. But what happens to the sharing economy when these platforms start experimenting with the city’s hardware?

Celebrating "Growing Communities" at Vaudeville Court by Levitt Bernstein as part of the 2015 London Festival of Architecture. Levitt Bernstein explores way of influencing the urban housing model and addressing broader social needs.
Review | Heidi Dokulil | 15 Aug 2016

2016 Housing Futures

Australia’s population rose to 24 million in February 2016. How can research, policy and good design keep pace with this growing demand for housing? Leading architects, researchers and policymakers gathered at the Housing Futures symposium in Sydney in July to discuss the future of housing.

Thomas Fisher.
People | Stuart Harrison | 22 Apr 2016

Architecture in an on-demand economy: Thomas Fisher

Ahead of How Soon is Now?, Stuart Harrison speaks with Thomas Fisher about vulnerability in the architecture profession.

Airbnb, Toronto.
Discourse | Jacqui Alexander | 11 Nov 2015

Airbnb and the authentic urban experience

Social media is reconfiguring our experience of the city and tapping into our appetite for authentic urban experience.

New York City: Crowd-funded public realm
The World | Ben Milbourne | 30 Jul 2014

New York City: Crowd-funded public realm

Ben Milbourne investigates the people-powered urban projects shaping the Big Apple.

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