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Satellite photograph of Sydney.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 3 May 2018

World’s first lab for future city planning opens at UNSW

UNSW has established the world’s first laboratory for planning and designing smarter, more liveable cities.

Dutch studio MVRDV has converted a former overpass into a plant-covered walkway in Seoul, South Korea.
The World | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 31 May 2017

Circular motions: Seoullo 7017

Is MVRDV’s“sky garden” Seoul’s answer to New York’s High Line or a “giant marketing stunt” derived from a process of “shape throwing”? Landscape Australia editor Ricky Ray Ricardo paid a visit.

The draft Parramatta Civic Link Urban Park by Aspect Studios and SJB.
News | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 28 Apr 2017

Green civic link planned for Parramatta

An ambitious ‘civic spine’ planned for central Parramatta, designed by Aspect Studios and SJB, will link the railway station to the Parramatta River.

The city of Brisbane in Queensland.
News | Louisa Wright | 12 Jul 2016

Climate change, housing affordability key challenges for re-elected government

The Australian Institute of Architects urges the re-elected Coalition government to deal with key challenges facing Australia’s built environment.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan from Infrastructure Australia aims to help the country to accommodate a population of 30 million by 2031.
News | Sian Johnson | 18 Feb 2016

Infrastructure Plan calls for user-pays roads, higher density

The Aus Infrastructure Plan recommends user-pays roads to service a growing population, but ignores green infrastructure.

News | Sian Johnson | 15 Feb 2016

Minister for Cities lost in reshuffle

Minister for Cities and the Built Environment gone just six months after being created by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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