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Tag: Sustainability

The Sydney Opera House has been awarded a 5-star Green Star performance rating.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 5 Jun 2019

Green plaudits for Sydney Opera House

To coincide with the United Nations’ World Environment Day, the Sydney Opera House has announced a number of sustainability achievements.

UN Secretariat building by Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, Wallace Harrison, and others.
Discourse | Henrik Schoenefeldt | 21 May 2019

Glass skyscrapers: an avoidable environmental folly

Henrik Schoenefeldt argues that if architects “had paid more attention to the difficulties of building with glass, the great environmental damage wrought by modern glass skyscrapers could have been avoided.”

Energy rating tools are not enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by buildings, experts say.
Discourse | Igor Martek and M. Reza Hosseini | 17 Jan 2019

Buildings produce 25% of Australia’s emissions. What will it take to make them ‘green’ – and who’ll pay?

With 25% of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings, what must be done to generate a working strategy to improve Australia’s chances of keeping the carbon-neutral promise by 2050?

Satellite view of Melbourne.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 3 Oct 2018

Vic gov’t launches zero net carbon home design pilot program

The Victorian Government has named the companies that will develop a series of energy-efficient homes in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project by Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership with Alluvium, Turpin and Crawford Studio and Dragonfly Environmental.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 16 Mar 2018

Australian project wins Europe’s oldest built environment award

A park rehabilitation and storm water re-use project in Sydney by Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership has won one of the top awards at the UK Civic Trust Awards.

Indicative design of the Burwood Bricks rooftop farm and restaurant.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 16 Feb 2018

“World’s most sustainable” shopping centre to feature 2,000-square-metre rooftop farm

Sustainable designer Joost Bakker says an urban farm atop a new shopping centre in suburban Melbourne will “truly support a sustainable world.”

Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project by Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership with Alluvium, Turpin and Crawford Studio and Dragonfly Environmental.
News | Patrick Hunn | 15 Feb 2018

Australian project recognized in Europe’s oldest built environment awards

The Sydney Part Water Re-use project by Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership is in the running to receive a Civic Trust Award.

Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project by Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership with Alluvium, Turpin and Crawford Studio and Dragonfly Environmental.
News | Patrick Hunn | 28 Nov 2017

First state-wide green infrastructure policy drafted for NSW

Authored by the Government Architect NSW, a new draft policy for green infrastructure across the state has been released for public comment.

Riyadh Al-Ameri of Deakin University with his medical waste-derived "concrete."
Product | Josh Harris | 27 Oct 2017

Medical waste to produce durable, sustainable concrete

A Deakin University project could see thousands of tonnes of medical waste transformed into durable concrete that would be more waterproof than standard concrete.

The Hydroelectric Canal by Paul Lukez Architecture.
News | Patrick Hunn | 25 Oct 2017

Forward-thinking projects rewarded by World Architecture Festival

The World Architecture Festival’s inaugural WAFX Prize recognizes proposals and projects that “identify key challenges that architects will need to address” in the future.

The Commons Hobart by Core Collective Core Collective Architects.
News | Patrick Hunn | 4 Oct 2017

‘Simplicity and sustainability’: The Commons housing development heads to Hobart

A sequel to The Commons in Melbourne is planned for central Hobart, in what is thought to be Australia’s first carbon-positive multi-residential project.

The raw, carbonated product produced by the MCI Mineral Carbonation Process.
Product | Patrick Hunn | 29 Aug 2017

New technology converts carbon emissions into building materials

An Australian start-up has unveiled a pilot plant that converts the carbon dioxide produced by a nearby mine into useable building material.

1/2/3/4/5 Cohousing by David Barr Architects.
News | Linda Cheng | 12 Jul 2017

Zero-energy, prefab apartment design wins WA medium-density housing competition

David Barr Architects’ modular, prefabricated design has won a WA government agency’s competition to design an affordable, sustainable, medium-density housing project.

An aerial image of a partially-inundated Brisbane taken from the International Space Station during the 2011 floods that affected Queensland.
News | Patrick Hunn | 26 May 2017

Al Gore to headline Melbourne climate change and urbanization conference

Former US vice president Al Gore will be among the speakers at the Ecocity World Summit to be held in Melbourne in July.

The NUA Conference will take place in Melbourne in October.
News | Patrick Hunn | 7 Apr 2017

New Urban Agenda Conference to champion sustainable development in Australia

The inaugural conference will be held in Melbourne and will look to implement the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda.

Liv Apartments designed by Hassell.
News | Louisa Wright | 15 Feb 2017

Perth housing development aims for One Planet Living recognition

A residential apartment development in Fremantle, Western Australia, has been accepted to apply for Bioregional Australia’s One Planet Living program for sustainable living.

A proposed precinct of Sydney Science Park designed by Celestino in conjunction with Urbis and Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp.
News | Louisa Wright | 2 Feb 2017

CSIRO to test urban development concepts

The CSIRO has partnered with developer Celestino to establish its first operational Urban Living Lab in Sydney, where it will design and test urban development concepts.

Breathe Architecture's proposed elevated greenhouse at Queen Victoria Market.
News | Louisa Wright | 21 Dec 2016

Breathe to design new market pavilion for Queen Vic Market

The City of Melbourne has announced Breathe Architecture will design a new market pavilion with an elevated greenhouse to accommodate for traders during the redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market.

Tesla and SolarCity's new solar roof tile technology.
News | Louisa Wright | 1 Nov 2016

Tesla and SolarCity launch rooftop solar tiles and Powerwall 2.0

Tesla and SolarCity have launched new technology that allows homes to capture solar energy through rooftop solar tiles, as well as a new Powerwall.

The city of Melbourne.
News | Louisa Wright | 11 Oct 2016

Uni of Melb research shows health impact of car-dependent cities

An international study led by researchers from the University of Melbourne has determined the number of healthy years of life humans are losing by living in car-dependent cities.