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The fifteen finishes available for the Axor Citterio kitchen mixers include chrome, gold optic, red gold, nickel, brass, black chrome, stainless steel optic and bronze.
Product | 15 Sep 2015

Axor Citterio versatile kitchen mixers

The mixers are defined by their versatility, and can be adjusted to suit both professional chefs and less experienced cooks.

Provence kitchen tap.
Product | 11 Jul 2013

Classic black tapware

A curated collection of classic black-handled Perrin & Rowe tapware.

Gessi Goccia ceiling-mounted faucet from Abey.
Product | 15 Apr 2013

Bathroom inspiration

Bathroom fittings from Houses 90.

English Tapware Company
Product | 12 Feb 2013

English Tapware Company

Specialist in period and contemporary bathroomware.

Kado Lure oval bath from Reece.
Product | 8 Sep 2012

The art of life

Household elements from Houses 79.

Bandy tables by Jardan.
Product | 20 Aug 2012

Red hot

Household products from Houses 83.

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