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A map of Australia defining its states and territories by its primary economic output. "A big part of your country is actually supplying, out of the countryside, the liveability of the eastern side," said David Gianotten.
Review | Jillian Walliss | 12 Oct 2017

A failed manifesto: OMA and the Australian countryside

Landscape architect Jillian Walliss found OMA’s lecture on their new research direction, the countryside, failed to understand complex ecological and physical conditions and led to naive propositions.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) at his office desk in the TV show Mad Men (2007–).
Discourse | Kirsten Stanisich | 3 Oct 2012

The Corporate Office and Mad Men

Amid changing approaches to workplace design, why don’t we want to feel corporate in the corporate office?

Run to paradox
Practice | Steve Coster | 28 Aug 2012

Run to paradox

Designing good workplaces, says Steve Koster, relies on embracing the conflicting needs of a modern workforce.

Karl Fender.
Archive | Karl Fender | 2 Feb 2012

The more things change

Karl Fender’s introduction to the January 2011 issue of Architecture Australia as Institute president.

National AILA president Mandy Rounsefell.
Archive | Mandy Rounsefell | 24 Jan 2012

Perspective: facing challenges together

Mandy Rounsefell’s introduction to Landscape Architecture Australia 129.

Post-Traumatic Urbanism: An Architectural Design monograph
Review | Mirjana Lozandvska | 17 May 2011

Post-Traumatic Urbanism

This book explores the intersections between architecture, urbanism and a felt reality of destruction and instability.