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The fifth Festival of Urbanism will explore the intersection of housing, urban planning and health.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 28 Aug 2019

Festival of Urbanism to ask how housing and city planning affect our health

The Festival of Urbanism 2019, taking place across Sydney and Melbourne from 2 September until 12 September, has the theme “cities, housing and health.”

A concept image of the Waterloo estate redevelopment.
News | Patrick Hunn | 6 Jul 2017

Housing affordability, heritage preservation, and the Waterloo housing estate: Festival of Urbanism program announced

A discussion about urbanism in a ‘post-truth’-era and a tour of Parramatta’s heritage sites are included in the event program for the fourth Festival of Urbanism.

Future Method Studio, Alvaro Carillo and Carmen Blanco, Watertopia, 2015
Review | Fenina Acance | 5 Oct 2015

Groundwork: From the Archives Up

An exhibition of experimental art and architecture uncovers Sydney’s unknown and forgotten history.

Old Dubai (low-density and fine urban grain) in the background with New Dubai in the foreground.
The World | Sonia Sarangi | 2 Apr 2015

Manufactured urbanism: Dubai Marina

A former resident of Dubai returns to the city to find it changed beyond recognition, but not redemption.

A'Beckett Urban Square by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design, with artwork by Ash Keating.
News | Maitiú Ward | 18 Aug 2014

A’Beckett Urban Square

Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design turns parking space into a publicly accessible urban play space.

Coffs Harbour caravan park, 1967.
Discourse | Peter Myers | 7 Aug 2014

Is this Roadtown?

Peter Myers wonders if Australia is on the cusp of realising a vehicular ‘utopia’ of endless urbanism.