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An example of a low-density suburb before GOD (greenspace-oriented development), with large amounts of underutilized public open space.
Discussion | Richard Weller | 25 Nov 2019

What ever happened to (Australian) urbanism?

With Australia’s population set to almost double by 2066, the handwringing over increased density and sprawl will only increase. Yet these circumstances offer architects and urban planners an opportunity for courageous creativity.

The fifth Festival of Urbanism will explore the intersection of housing, urban planning and health.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 28 Aug 2019

Festival of Urbanism to ask how housing and city planning affect our health

The Festival of Urbanism 2019, taking place across Sydney and Melbourne from 2 September until 12 September, has the theme “cities, housing and health.”

A concept image of the Waterloo estate redevelopment.
News | Patrick Hunn | 6 Jul 2017

Housing affordability, heritage preservation, and the Waterloo housing estate: Festival of Urbanism program announced

A discussion about urbanism in a ‘post-truth’-era and a tour of Parramatta’s heritage sites are included in the event program for the fourth Festival of Urbanism.

Future Method Studio, Alvaro Carillo and Carmen Blanco, Watertopia, 2015
Discussion | Fenina Acance | 5 Oct 2015

Groundwork: From the Archives Up

An exhibition of experimental art and architecture uncovers Sydney’s unknown and forgotten history.

Old Dubai (low-density and fine urban grain) in the background with New Dubai in the foreground.
The World | Sonia Sarangi | 2 Apr 2015

Manufactured urbanism: Dubai Marina

A former resident of Dubai returns to the city to find it changed beyond recognition, but not redemption.

A'Beckett Urban Square by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design, with artwork by Ash Keating.
News | Maitiú Ward | 18 Aug 2014

A’Beckett Urban Square

Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design turns parking space into a publicly accessible urban play space.

Coffs Harbour caravan park, 1967.
Discussion | Peter Myers | 7 Aug 2014

Is this Roadtown?

Peter Myers wonders if Australia is on the cusp of realising a vehicular ‘utopia’ of endless urbanism.

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