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Olivia Hyde.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 12 Jun 2020

Three women appointed professors of practice at Sydney uni

Olivia Hyde, Kate Goodwin and Qianyi Lim are the first professors of practice to be appointed by the architecture school.

Nightingale Village by Kennedy Nolan.
Discussion | Katelin Butler | 6 Mar 2020

Equality, diversity and global challenges

The 2020 International Women’s Day gives pause to reflect on what an “equal, enabled” world means in the face of global challenges.

Peggy Deamer, founder of The Architecture Lobby.
People | Josh Harris | 6 Mar 2020

Architects are workers: The Architecture Lobby’s Peggy Deamer

Architect and Yale professor Peggy Deamer wants us to see architecture as work, and architects as workers.

University Campus UTEC Lima by Grafton Architects
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 6 Mar 2020

Six landmark projects of the first all-woman Pritzker winning duo

From a “modern day Machu Picchu” to “cool mysterious interiors,” we sample some of the most notable projects by the first all-female duo to win the Pritzker Prize.

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 4 Mar 2020

Pritzker Prize awarded to all-female partnership

Architecture’s highest honour has been awarded to two women for the first time in its history.

At Courtyard Apartment, BMA has turned a dark dwelling into a free-flowing series of airy spaces.
People | Stephanie McGann | 2 Mar 2020

One to watch: Brcar Morony Architecture

Natalie Brcar and Michael Morony run a practice grounded in principles of environmentally sustainable design.

Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours
Discussion | Lynda Simmons | 31 Jan 2020

Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours

Lynda Simmons discusses how the hours spent ‘working’ and ‘caring’ are divided and how that might affect architecture practices.

Pakistan’s first woman architect Yasmeen Lari.
The World | Editorial Desk AAU | 22 Jan 2020

Humanitarian architect wins global women in architecture award

Pakistan’s first female architect, who’s had a decades-long career in humanitarian architecture, has been honoured in the 2020 W Awards.

Helen Lochhead.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 11 Sep 2019

Institute president makes Women of Influence list

Helen Lochhead has been recognized for helping to change the status quo to a “more equal, more diverse and vibrant society.”

Kin Architects’ growing design portfolio is built on the compatible skill sets of directors Leah Gallagher and Marjorie Dixon.
People | Michelle Bailey | 6 Sep 2019

One to watch: Kin Architects

Leah Gallagher and Marjorie Dixon, of Kin Architects, formed their Brisbane-based practice in 2017 with a desire to design people-centric architecture that respects the history and context of their city.

The audience at Flex.
Discussion | Patrick Hunn | 8 Mar 2019

Are flexible working arrangements the key to a more equitable workplace, or a gateway to casualization?

An event in Melbourne, held in anticipation of International Women’s Day, sought to dissect the possibilities of flexibility.

Amy Muir and Shelley Penn at Parlour’s Melbourne Autumn Salon 2017.
Discussion | Gill Matthewson | 17 Oct 2018

Gender equity needed ‘in every nook and cranny of architecture,’ census analysis shows

In 2012, Parlour published its first and devastating statistical portrayal of the loss of women from the architecture profession and their sparseness at senior levels. What progress has been made since then?

Australian digital mapping project of women’s safety in cities goes global
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 19 Apr 2018

Australian digital mapping project of women’s safety in cities goes global

Women in Sydney, Delhi, Lima, Kampala and Madrid can now collaborate on the creation of maps that show city spaces that make them feel unsafe.

Melbourne’s Hosier Lane.

Sexism and the city: how urban planning has failed women

The proportion of women to men in architecture and associated professions is low. Can cities not designed by women really meet their needs?

Amy Muir and Shelley Penn at Parlour’s Melbourne Autumn Salon 2017.
Discussion | Justine Clark | 7 Mar 2018

Parlour and gender equity in Australian architecture: Where to from here?

Parlour editor Justine Clark reflects on the organization’s development since the publication of research in 2014 that laid bare the state of gender inequity in Australian architecture, turns an eye to the future, and explains how you can help.

Amanda Levete.
News | Linda Cheng | 6 Feb 2018

Amanda Levete wins 2018 Jane Drew Prize

British architect and designer of Melbourne’s 2015 MPavilion Amanda Levete has been awarded the 2018 Jane Drew Prize, which recognizes someone who has raised the profile of women in architecture.

L-R: Ursula de Jong, Julie Willis, Vivian Mitsogianni, Naomi Stead.
Talks | 9 Jan 2018

Leading Change: presented by Parlour

All four of Victoria’s architecture schools are currently headed by women. Seizing the moment, Parlour has organized a panel discussion to be held at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of the Triennial Extra program.

L-R: Niall Durney (Crone), John Prentice (Woods Bagot), Shaun Carter (Carter Williamson), Brian Clohessy (BVN), Philip Vivian (Bates Smart), Dr Jess Murphy, John Pradel (SJB), Gerard Corcoran (HASSELL), Joe Agius (COX), Troy Uleman (PTW).
News | Patrick Hunn | 24 Nov 2017

‘Architecture was among the most unequal professions in this country’, Institute report reveals

An all-male taskforce tackling gender inequality in Australian architecture has released its first progress report, which reveals systemic problems in the industry.

Brisbane’s CBD.
Discussion | Kerry Brown and Dorothy Wardale | 25 Sep 2017

‘Mansplaining’ Australian cities – we can do something about that

Cities aren’t just a male creation, but women’s contributions have been sidelined. Kerry Brown and Dorothy Wardale argue there are ways we can rediscover and restore these women to their rightful place in the stories of our cities.

Turnbull Foundation Women in Built Environment scholarship winner Cathy Smith speaks at UNSW's Engaging Women in the Built Environment event.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 10 Aug 2017

Cathy Smith awarded inaugural $95k scholarship for women in the built environment

The Turnbull Foundation Women in the Built Environment Scholarship has been awarded to architect, interior designer and researcher Cathy Smith.

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