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Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona: a city of ‘irrationality and whimsy’

25 May 2017, Katelin Butler

The 2017 Dulux Study Tour group explores how a 19th century city plan has influenced Barcelona’s contemporary architecture.

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The Marsyangdi River between the village of Pisang and the town Manang, with the mountain peak Annapurna III in the background.

Annapurna Circuit

25 May 2017, Anton Malishev

Exploring the natural and cultural landscapes along one of Nepal’s most popular hiking trails.

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URBN DRY DOCK NO. 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2009). As part of a former Navy yard revitalisation, DIRT Studio expanded retailer Urban Outfitters' Philadelphia campus around a submerged historic dry dock to create public parks and promenades.

The Navy Yard, Philadelphia

25 May 2017, Jillian Walliss

Jillian Walliss visits Philadelphia’s 1,200-acre urban development that is committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.

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The Mojave Rock Ranch, just north of Joshua Tree National Park in the USA, is the project of Troy Williams and Gino Dreese, landscape architects and garden builders.

Mojave Rock Ranch: An arid zone jewel

25 May 2017, Catherine Rush, Michael Wright

Michael Wright and Catherine Rush visit a spectacular high-altitude, dry-climate garden in the south-west of the USA.

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The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-16.

‘Power of the aesthetic’: Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Floating Piers

22 May 2017, Mauro Baracco, Louise Wright

Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright visited Christo and Jeanne-Claude latest work that stretched across Italy’s picturesque Lake Iseo for two weeks in June 2016.

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A street view of Rocinha, an informal settlement in Rio de Janeiro and one of four visited as part of the Weaving the Urban Fabric study tour.

Weaving the Urban Fabric: postcard from Rio

7 Feb 2017, Abel Feleke

How can an understanding of the strong social connections forged in informal slum settlements shape future architectural interventions? Abel Feleke reports from Rio de Janeiro.

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Utzon pilgrimage: Bagsvaerd Church

Utzon pilgrimage: Bagsvaerd Church

23 Jun 2016, Katelin Butler

The Dulux Study Tour visits the Bagsvaerd Church in Copenhagen –Jørn Utzon’s first commission on his return to Denmark, having withdrawn from his work on the Sydney Opera House.

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Brick facade of the Apartmentos Girasol by Jose Antonio Coderch (1966) with inspiration from Alvar Aalto.

The many facades of Madrid

31 May 2016, Katelin Butler

The 2016 Dulux Study Tour group visits Madrid on the last leg of the trip, exploring the city’s many decorated facades and how they contribute to the vibrancy of its spaces.

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In the City of London, the forms of many buildings have been determined by planning restrictions that aim to protect views to St Paul's Cathedral. Shown here are the Cheesegrater, the Gherkin and the Walkie-Talkie.

Culture or commerce: the battle for London’s skyline

24 May 2016, Katelin Butler

From the Cheesegrater to the Scalpel, the built legacy of London’s planning restrictions is plain to see. On the second stop of the 2016 Dulux Study Tour, the group explores the friction between the city’s commercial and cultural objectives.

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The Dulux Study Tour participants in Ørestad, Copenhagen.

Life, and the absence of it, between buildings

18 May 2016, Katelin Butler

In Copenhagen, a city often saluted for its urban planning successes, the Dulux Study Tour team finds the city is grappling with complex challenges in the development of new urban precincts.

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Quinta Monroy, an incremental housing development by Elemental, Chile.

A case for the incremental: Quinta Monroy

26 Nov 2015, Amiee Groundwater

The ‘incremental’ approach to delivering affordable housing works in South America. Would it work in Australia?

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Parckfarm allows local residents to come together to grow fruit and vegetables and keep chickens, ducks and goats as a part of extending private gardening into the public realm. The Parckfarm project is run by non-profit organization Parckfarm T&T.


8 Oct 2015, Chris Johnstone, Sueanne Ware

Parckfarm is an interactive project in Brussels, Belgium that invites visitors to explore new park typologies through art installations, agricultural performances, workshops and community gardens.

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El Equipo Mazzanti's Forest of Hope in Bogota, Colombia.

Transforming Medellín

10 Sep 2015, Marty Bowen, Christina Deluchi

A visit to Medellín, to explore how architecture is helping to change what was once one of the world’s most violent cities.

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Signs of ownership of Flores & Prats Building 111 by its younger residents.

Communal Barcelona

6 Aug 2015, Emily Ouston

A visit to the public plazas of Flores & Prats Architects in Barcelona, Spain.

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The triple height "open plan" central living area of Maison La Roche.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Maison La Roche

2 Jul 2015, Bonnie Herring

A visit to one of Le Corbusier’s foundational projects reveals the flawed genius of this iconic architect.

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A perforated aluminum screen covers the Pathé Foundation by Renzo Piano Building Workshop to provide privacy and sunshading.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: The rational blob

15 Jun 2015, John Ellway

It might look like a “giant Ghost Busters goo blob” in the middle of Paris, but this project knows its place perfectly.

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Entry to the Tea Building.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Tea and Biscuits with AHMM

2 Jun 2015, Bonnie Herring

Bonnie Herring discovers a former tea warehouse in Hackney, London, brimming with intrigue and creative capital.

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Sugar Hill by Adjaye Associates includes the capacity for retail components at ground level.

New York’s finest

29 May 2015, Sophie Dyring

Sophie Dyring visits three exemplar social housing projects in New York City.

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The 2015 Dulux Study Tour winners on the roof of Tezuka Architects’ Fuji Kindergarten.

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Fuji Kindergarten

26 May 2015, Casey Bryant

The 2015 Dulux Study Tour makes its first stop at the doughnut-shaped Fuji Kindergarten in Japan by Tezuka Architects.

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Old Dubai (low-density and fine urban grain) in the background with New Dubai in the foreground.

Manufactured urbanism: Dubai Marina

2 Apr 2015, Sonia Sarangi

A former resident of Dubai returns to the city to find it changed beyond recognition, but not redemption.

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Detour on Yamate Dori, Nakameguro.

The unlimited city: Tokyo

12 Mar 2015, Marnie Morieson

Marnie Morieson journeys to Tokyo, where she finds a lack of planning control has resulted in a unique urban fabric.

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The Forbidden City Imperial Palace in Beijing.

Status conscious: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou

31 Oct 2014, Sam Daysh

Sam Daysh visits China for the last leg of his eighteen-day architecture tour of asia.

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Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto.

Beauty and ornament: Osaka, Naruto, Tokoshima, Awaji, Kyoto

21 Oct 2014, Sam Daysh

Sam Daysh visits the traditional buildings of Japan and discovered “a profound focus on beauty.”

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St Mary's Cathedral by Kenzo Tange, Tokyo. An incredibly emotive space, which succeeds largely due to an effort of geometry that resists understanding.

Detailed delights: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kurashiki, Imabari, Naoshima

14 Oct 2014, Sam Daysh

On a tour of Japan, Sam Daysh is awe-struck by the fine attention to detail he discovers in its architecture.

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New York City: Crowd-funded public realm

New York City: Crowd-funded public realm

30 Jul 2014, Ben Milbourne

Ben Milbourne investigates the people-powered urban projects shaping the Big Apple.

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Copenhagen: Kastrup Sea Bath

Copenhagen: Kastrup Sea Bath

7 Jul 2014, Robert Martin

Robert Martin is drawn to the icy waters of the Kastrup Sea Bath, Copenhagen.

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Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture — the centrepiece of AT&T; Plaza at Millennium Park in Chicago.

Chicago: Tourism by design

23 Jun 2014, Ben Milbourne

Ben Milbourne reports from the Chicago leg of the 2014 Dulux Study Tour.

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Architect Phyllis Lambert recieves the Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the 14th International Architecture exhibition in Venice on Saturday 7 June. Lambert is flanked by Rem Koolhaas (left) and Paolo Baratta.

Venice 2014: Vernissage day three

12 Jun 2014, Grace Mortlock

Grace Mortlock ranks movers and shakers from the Vernissage at 2014’s Architecture Biennale.

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Rem Koolhaas at Elements, Venice 2014.

Venice 2014: Vernissage day two

7 Jun 2014, Grace Mortlock

Grace Mortlock ranks movers and shakers from the Vernissage at 2014’s Architecture Biennale.

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Venice 2014: Vernissage day one

Venice 2014: Vernissage day one

5 Jun 2014, Grace Mortlock

Grace Mortlock ranks movers and shakers from day one of the Vernissage at 2014’s Architecture Biennale.

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A series of pavilions connected by courtyards.

Utzon’s island escape

4 Jun 2014, Jennifer McMaster

Jennifer McMaster stays at the Utzon family summer house on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

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Beach Road house by David Barr Architect in association with Ross Brewin Architecture + Urbanism.

Out of the box in Perth

12 May 2014, Warwick Mihaly

Melbourne architect Warwick Mihaly tours some clever compact Perth houses.

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Spiral Lookout by HHF Architects at the Espinazo del Diablo or “Devils Backbone” mountain peak.

La Ruta del Peregrino

12 Feb 2014, Marnie Morieson

Marnie Morieson heads for the hills in Mexico — a pilgrim’s route in the Jalisco Mountains.

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Living the dream: trekking in the Everest (Khumbu) region of Nepal, the looming peaks of Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse before me.

At Everest’s feet

28 Nov 2013, Virginia Waller

Trekking in Nepal, Virginia Waller finds an architectural gem: the Hotel Everest View.

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Belgian beauty

Belgian beauty

13 Nov 2013, Federico Monsalve

Federico Monsalve finds a new log cabin inside an old canal-side house in Ghent.

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Publican Arthur Elliot (left) and Rev. Robert Forsyth (right).

Barneys’ signboards: words of God?

8 Oct 2013, Rev. Michael Paget

The Rev. Michael Paget reflects on the infamous signboards of St Barnabas in Sydney.

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Marina Bay Sands shopping centre: killer escalators.

Side step in Singapore

3 Oct 2013, Rowena Hockin

Roving at WAF, Melbourne architect Rowena Hockin asks “where’s the delight in a world without stairs?”.

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The Sloping House in Massif Central, France.

Sloping House: France

26 Sep 2013, Federico Monsalve

Federico Monsalve finds a tiny timber structure in France a clever architectural exercise.

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Kaupapa designs by students at Nga-Purapura.

Nga Purapura, Te Wananga o Raukawa

12 Aug 2013, Peter Wood

Tennent + Brown Architects realize the essence of Te Whare Tapa Wha, the Maori holistic health model.

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Stawell powder magazine (c. 1875).

Small works: big presence

2 Aug 2013, Nigel Bertram

Professor Nigel Bertram reflects on the impact of small public structures in regional towns.

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Nagoya house by D.I.G Architects and Nawakenji-m.


30 Jul 2013, Tommy Honey

Tommy Honey can’t decide if this tiny house on a hill in Nagoya is taking off or landing.

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