Architecture Australia, May 2019

Architecture Australia, May 2019

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Architecture Australia May/June 2019.
Preview | Katelin Butler | 6 May 2019

AA May/June 2019 preview

Sacred spaces: An introduction to the May/June issue of Architecture Australia.


The building’s structural geometry is derived from the Star of David. Other abstractions of religious symbols include the geometric pattern on the northern glazed wall, which interprets the Seven Species.
Projects | Maryam Gusheh | 30 Jul 2019

Exuberant allegory: Emanuel Synagogue

Lippman Partnership’s exuberant addition to a synagogue campus in Sydney responds to two significant twentieth-century architectural works in a dialogue that reflects the plurality of the Jewish faith.


Significant expansion and remodelling work of the Kurt Popper-designed Elwood Talmud Torah occurred in 1972–73.
Projects | Catherine Townsend | 7 Oct 2019

A story of migration, refuge and reconstruction: Elwood Talmud Torah

Viennese émigré Kurt Popper was a remarkable and prolific architect who helped introduce European modernism to the design of Australia’s places of worship.

Muir and Shepherd’s design features distinctive triangular roof forms constructed using a series of prefabricated steel portal A-frames.
Review | Elizabeth Richardson | 1 Oct 2019

A ‘grand collective effort’ in a regional Victorian church

Muir and Shepherd’s church for a small community at Katamatite in northern Victoria represents a remarkable period of architectural experimentation.

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Hogg and Lamb’s design for the Kenmore Presbyterian Church in Brisbane’s Pullenvale will work to offer a grand spatial experience within a modest scale that is respectful of its residential setting.
Discourse | Ursula de Jong | 9 Sep 2019

Designing Australia’s sacred spaces and religious buildings: past, present and future

For people of faith, religious buildings are tangible places in which to contemplate a transcendent being. Ursula de Jong examines how universal ideas of divinity, togetherness and worship are expressed in historic and contemporary architecture.

Entry from the street leads to a forecourt. The minaret, traditionally a tower to amplify the call to prayer, here contains the separate women’s entry.
Projects | Mark Raggatt | 24 Jul 2019

A ‘modern architectural masterpiece’: Punchbowl Mosque

In the south-west Sydney suburb of Punchbowl, the ritualistic and formal traditions of the Islamic faith find contemporary expression in a monumental ode to prayer.

Cadogan Song School by Palassis Architects.
Projects | Amber Martin | 25 Jul 2019

‘Delicate and beguiling’: Cadogan Song School

A small but reverential addition to the Cathedral Precinct in Perth reinvigorates its heritage context and reintroduces site to citizen.

Glazing on the main facade, a generous forecourt and a covered verandah are designed to make the mosque more visually open.
Projects | Paul Walker | 31 Jul 2019

Radical and poetic: Australian Islamic Centre of Newport

In the western suburbs of Melbourne, a landmark mosque designed by Glenn Murcutt and Elevli Plus assumes a contemporary architectural language that abstracts the conventional symbols of Islamic places of worship.

The Kooroomba Chapel adapts the traditional chapel form and orchestrates a carefully calibrated balance between architecture and landscape.
Projects | Elizabeth Musgrave | 2 Aug 2019

For love of whimsy: Kooroomba Chapel

Through inventive tectonics, Wilson Architects has overlaid a picturesque landscape experience with allusions to an earlier settler culture.

The Wayside Chapel comprises two brick buildings – one new, the other refurbished – flanking a community hub. The brick structures are designed to assimilate into the surrounding neighbourhood context.
Projects | Linda Cheng | 6 Aug 2019

Revisited: The Wayside Chapel

An ambitious scheme for a new home for the Wayside, designed by Environa Studio and completed in 2012, led to the salvation of this vital community organization.